If you want to be cool, this autumn don’t wear sneakers but ‘grandma’s shoes’: “It has something familiar” | Nina

In recent years, the influence of streetwear in the fashion world has been enormous. Everyone wore hoodies and sneakers, cute and casual. But the tide is turning completely. A more formal wardrobe is being rehabilitated, and the evening shoe in particular plays a key role in this. Fashion editor David Devriendt explains why sneakers have become obsolete moccasinsmoccasins and other moccasins.

Our mothers and grandmothers liked to wear it: the stiff and solid shoe. The thing had as much sex appeal as a tax return, but it was qualitative and comfortable. In the year 2022, models, stars and influencers are again succumbing en masse to moccasins and moccasins. The white sock loafer is also the trademark of style icon Hailey Bieber. And also other “beautiful shoes” like of ballerina in boots do well again.

Grandparents in the same sneakers? Not beautiful

Fashion editor David traces the trend: “For a long time, streetwear pushed classic silhouettes and tailoring into oblivion. Young people who wanted to dress stylishly wore sneakers. And preferably from trendy brands like Balenciaga or Yeezy. But the moment something trendy becomes too mainstream, it loses its charm. In other words, when your idiot grandparents wear the same sneakers, they’re no longer cool. “

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Hailer Bieber in New York, June 2022. © GC Pictures

Precisely because there has been an abundance of sneaker launches, we are saturated. “Warning: it remains a classic that will continue to have a permanent place in our wardrobe for decades to come. But we notice that there is a backlash in the fashion world. It can be classy again these days, and a little more chic and stiffer, “says David.”Preppy fashion is on the rise.

Preppy, but the moccasin is still rebellious

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that stores nowadays are filled with blazers and discreet wool pants. The leather moccasin is also part of it. And there are several explanations for this, which interact and reinforce each other, says David. “Loafers and moccasins are still fashion classics. They are shoes that we associate with craftsmanship, know-how, history. They trusted something. And in a society in crisis, we like to go back to wearing such familiar clothes ”.

But in addition to that classic image, the slip-on also has a subversive side. “This also pleases the new generations. Just think of Dr. Martens’ moccasins: these sturdy pistils are inextricably linked to rebellious subcultures and fans. And apart from that, it’s a passe-partout. You can create a punk look with it, a skaterboy can wear loafers perfectly, but it also suits someone who adheres to the clean Italian style. “

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