If you like yogurt, here’s how to make it at home at almost no cost

Yoghurt lovers are always worried about not finding their favorite brand and flavor available in the supermarket refrigerated counter. True connoisseurs want it fragrant, dense, very fresh. Therefore they gladly choose yogurt Greek white. And they add honey, cereals, chocolate, dried or fresh seasonal fruit at the moment. The experts of ProiezionidiBorsa have found the very simple recipe of Shege Telaku Goseni that modernizes the ancient one ofIlliria.

With pieces of fruit or fruit

What counts in industrial yogurt is the base, which must be soft, creamy and with a special flavor, of fresh milk. But over time the additional ingredients have gained more and more importance: they can be natural flavors or cooked fruit puree. To add fresh fruit, during processing in the factories, they lower the temperature. Yogurt, therefore, is less healthy, but more delicious. As an alternative to fruit, the yoghurt in ‘duo’ packs offer biscuits, cereals, wafer rings, cocoa balls, sugared almonds. Options that often cause the receipt to rise a little too much. Electric yoghurt makers were once in fashion. But many gave up, because it was always necessary to keep up with the whey and the ‘mother’ of yogurt. It had to be taken everywhere, even on vacation.

If you like yogurt, here’s how to make it at home at almost no cost

But here’s an amazing solution. Without yogurt makers, serums and powders. If you like yogurt, here’s how to make it at home for next to no cost. By trying this recipe, you will spend just over 1 euro per liter. While buying the industrial one you will spend 2.60 euros for the white one and over 7.50 euros per liter for those enriched with a special taste. Two liters of fresh whole milk and a 125-gram jar of plain yogurt are needed. All the milk is boiled in a large saucepan over the fire. When it becomes lukewarm at 37-38 degrees, you have to turn it off, immediately transfer it from the metal to a glass dish. Or put it in a plastic container, to encourage fermentation.

Add the yogurt pot and mix well. Cover with a plate, wrap in an old sweater and dry for seven hours. Then keep in the fridge. If the yogurt turns out to be too runny for your taste, pour it little by little through a fine white muslin fabric, suspended over a pot. Discard the poured liquid and place the thick liquid that remains on top of the fabric in a glass jar. Enjoy yogurt on its own, with honey and nuts or with oat bran and fresh fruit. Keep a jar aside, to use to repeat the process.

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