If you incite, you are part of what the world has blamed

Antena 3 presented, on Friday evening, video images captured by the camera in the meeting room, accusing USR of “manipulating” the public opinion all day and that in reality the USR councilor would have “generated” the reaction of the PMP and PNL councilors who -they snatched the phone from her hand and threatened to get her “in a wheelchair”.

The director of the show, Adrian Ursu, commented live that “one is what we hear, another what we see”, asking if it was not because the woman filmed the three men “generated their reaction” and that “the screams took place after what an aggression is over ”. Ursu ​​suggested that the USR counselor’s screams were exaggerated and that the scenes filmed by the USR counselor were “a manipulation.”

USR Councilor Felicia Ienculescu Popovici spoke on the show, explaining that she was “in a state of shock” and that she started filming after being threatened several times by the councilors in the room, who asked her if “no”. she has a husband in the house. ” Ursu ​​replied that she started filming even though she was sitting quietly in the chair and there was no threat, but the counselor explained that the threats were made before filming began.

“When should I have been filming, after what aggression took place?” Asked the USR counselor, who said she was amazed by the moderator’s approach.

The PNL MEP, Gheorghe Falcă, also defended the thesis of the challenge launched by Adrian Ursu, stating: “Don’t incite, if incite you are part of what the world has reproached”. Jaw minimized the obvious scenes of aggression and said that the woman’s phone was “taken” because “no one feels comfortable when someone is filming you.”

USR Senator Ștefan Pălărie criticized Adrian Ursu for his “lack of empathy” and the way he presents the case of the USR counselor assaulted by the two men, saying that the issue of “provoking” the aggressors by the victim should not even be raised. He asked him how he would react if his wife were in the place of the USR counselor.

Adrian Ursu accused Pălărie of “provoking”, he started to interrupt his telephone intervention, to applaud and take him out of the show, interrupting the conversation. Finally, visibly annoyed by the USR senator’s intervention, Ursu said that he started his show by clearly stating that the threat of “wheelchair” is “abominable” and that the aggression of PNL and PMP councilors is a serious case, which will be clarified by prosecutors.

However, the whole scene was minimized by the moderator and the guests, although in the pictures it is clear that the woman is physically assaulted, as the PMP counselor rushes to the woman and snatches the phone from her hand and snaps at her while she is filming.

In fact, on the Antena 3 website, the topic is presented under the title: “The upheaval in the event of a fight between politicians. We have the images captured by the surveillance cameras “

Antena 3 writes that “the story, as originally told by only one of the two parties involved, is totally different if we look at the images captured by the surveillance camera in the room where it all happened.”

These were broadcast, on Friday, on “Excess of power”, by Adrian Ursu.

“You know the stakes – a huge real estate business and that’s what it’s all about. Look at these unblurred, unedited images, not as they were originally given by the USR. (…) These images show that the one who takes the first action, the more direct action, physical contact, is the PNL counselor, who is trying to take the phone from the hand of the lady from USR who was filming, although he had been asked not to film. Then there is that melee in which we hear the cries for help. “ said Adrian Ursu.

“I lived for a whole day with the impression that the lady was assaulted, in the conditions in which a person cries for help without seeing the images. There it is, the aggression has “deflated” – it no longer seems to me that the lady has been assaulted. (…) I think that the lady should not have done the victim in the conditions in which her lord knew what had happened there “, said Diana Tache, to” Excess of power “.

see here are images from the Antena 3 show in which the USR counselor is transformed from a victim into an “aggressor”!


USR Counselor Felicia Ienculescu Popovici claims that she was physically assaulted by two councilors in the real estate scandal “Sector 0” in Mogoșoaia, her colleagues announced on Thursday evening. The councilor confirmed the incident to G4Media and detailed the incident during the working committee meeting.

She claims that a PNL and a PMP councilor assaulted her, and the Liberal allegedly threatened to “put her in a wheelchair, even if she is imprisoned”. The woman filed a criminal complaint with the Police. The incident took place in the context of the real estate scandal “Sector 0” in Mogoșoaia, which USR advisers opposed and about which G4Media wrote here, here and here.

The video recording consulted by G4Media shows how the counselor threatens Felicia Ienculescu Popovici:

  • “If I ever hear in my life that you still have my wife or son calling reporters I’ll leave you in the wheelchair, believe me. Even if I go to jail for 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, I leave you in a wheeled cart“The councilor said.

Another counselor is heard shouting at the counselor that he is recording the threats on video and reproaching her that “it’s only good to post on Facebook”. Meanwhile, the councilor is trying to ignore the threats and is continuing her work on the next committee meeting.

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