If you have the 5 Lire with the dolphin you become really rich: this is how much they are worth

The world of numismatics and collecting is really huge and we inform you every day about the most important news. We have in fact many times spoken of old Lire and we often emphasize the very fact that some of them have greatly increased theirs value. In fact, in this article we will go into a new topic, that is the one concerning the 5 Lire with the dolphin.

Many versions of this coin have been issued over the years and it hasn’t been used for a long time. The lire were in fact replaced by the single currency at the beginning of this millennium but it must be said that, in any case, the 5 Read they had not already been used for several years. Precisely for this reason some of these coins, and in particular those with the delfino, have reached truly incredible values.

There are several numismatists and collectors who are looking for this particular currency and surely having kept it or maybe finding it by chance inside an old drawer or an old wallet could change our life. So let’s go and see how this is made currency and above all because it is worth so much.

5 Lire Dolphin: how much is it worth?

Let’s start by saying that this coin was put into circulation more than fifty years ago. In fact, it was 1951 when it was minted and about some have been issued 40 million copies. Although it is very widespread nowadays, there are very few of them around and for this reason its value it is continuing to increase dramatically.

To recognize it, we just need to have one in our hands 5 Lire coin which on the back has a representation of a dolphin with a folded tail. This minted piece has always had great success and the version we have to look for is the 1956 one.

In fact, very few were issued in that year. There is even talk of a few hundred thousand copies. Much less, therefore, than the millions and millions that were issued years before. Here is the reason why the 5 dolphin lire can be worth 8 thousand euros.

Clearly, as we underline in all our insights, we must always check that ours currency is in excellent condition because otherwise it could very easily lose value. It has happened not infrequently that our readers pointed out that they have some rare coins but that, at the end of the day, the profit was very low. So let us always make sure to keep perfectly those that are coins that someday they may begin to increase in value.


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