“If you have any doubts, you won’t be ready to play”

If the resumption of the game is seen as a relief by the players and the fans, the actors will now have to prepare to make their return on the floors under very specific conditions. The mental aspect will be of even greater importance this year according to the former Warriors and Heat star, Tim Hardaway.

“It will necessarily be complicated. I think those who love to play basketball and who won’t think about the fans or what’s going on, will win. You have to get all this mess out of your mind as soon as you get there. When it’s time to train, it all ends: the speculation, the ‘ifs’. It must all be out of your mind. If you like to play, it will be quick. If you don’t like it… if you have any doubts you won’t be ready to play or help your team. ” Tim hardaway

The five-time All-Star has even downplayed the absence of fans in the stands, which he compares to practice matches.

“Without the fans? Yes it will be difficult, without a doubt. But for me, it will just be a pickup game, like we did in the 90s. We didn’t care who was on the pitch, we played. There was no seat for the fans at the time, if you lost you got off the floor, if not you stayed, it worked like that. Who will have a clear mind the fastest? That’s all they have to do. It could be anyone, a youngster, a veteran, the first to be like: ‘Now let’s play and try to win a title … Let’s play.’ You can’t control anything except what happens on the floor. ” Tim hardaway


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