If you have an LG Smart TV with webOS Hub, it will now be compatible with Apple TV, Apple Music, AirPlay and HomeKit

At the beginning of 2021 LG announced what webOSthe operating system of its smart televisions, would no longer be exclusive to its brand, opening up the ecosystem of this software and its associated applications to other manufacturers that from that moment they could incorporate it into their televisions and devices.

It was a change in strategy of the company that would give licenses to about 20 brands initially (like for example to RCA, Ayonz, Realtek, Nuance, Gracenote, Hyundai or Konka) so they could offer webOS on their new TVs and equipment, a figure that grew to around 200 brands in total over the months.

Subsequently, LG Electronics pointed out that this webOS for third-party brands will also incorporate access to main streaming video services and platforms that is on the market right now, something that they will now take to a new level.

The Apple ecosystem on LG TVs

Webos Hub 02

As the company has published in a Press release Starting this month, they will be available on televisions that use one of their webOS Hub operating systems Apple TV app, Apple Music, AirPlay and HomeKit in more than 100 countries.

AirPlay 2 and HomeKit will be compatible only with televisions that integrate webOS Hub 2.0 or later and LG’s idea is expand the possibilities of use of all these models of low-end TVs offering access to Apple platforms and services.

At the moment they have not given more details, for example, about the technical characteristics that can be enjoyed with Apple TV, if it will be in 4K, with HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision or Dolby AtmosSo we will have to wait for more details.

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