If you experience three typical symptoms of diabetes, immediately check your blood sugar before it’s too late

SHARE NEWSDiabetes is now a disease with the most sufferers in the country.

As is known, type 2 diabetes has three types: symptom typical which if you feel it you need to immediately check the levels blood sugar and consult

Third symptom This characteristic is the descent body weight for no apparent reason, constant urination (polydipsia) and frequent thirst (polyuria).

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“The easiest symptom is body weight go down for no apparent reason, urinate constantly and thirst constantly. If there symptom like that is very typical, I want to be 12, 17 years old check,” he said in a webinar about managing diabetes, written Saturday.

according to doctor specialist in internal medicine from the Division of Endocrine Metabolic and Diabetes, Department/KSM Internal Medicine FKUI/RSCM, Dr. dr. Wismandari Wisnu, Sp.PD, KEM.
Three symptom They also need to watch out for this body weight overweight or even obese regardless of age.

Apart from three symptom that, diabetes It is also characterized by feeling tired quickly, tingling, itching, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction in men, and itching in the genitals in women.

Next for those of you who don’t feel symptom anything but has entered the age of 40-45 years so it’s best to immediately check blood sugar to confirm the condition blood sugar normal.

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