‘If you don’t smell these scents, you might have corona’ – Wel.nl

Loss of smell and taste are known symptoms of a corona infection. If you are unsure whether you can still smell good, it is of course smart to check this by smelling strongly scented things. Scientists tested that and found that two odors were particularly effective in people infected with the corona virus.

from an Indian study, As The New York Times writes about, it appears that 87 percent of the people surveyed had no sense of smell due to the corona infection. In fact, an American study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that in a quarter of infected people, that was the only symptom.

The Indian researchers got a group of corona patients and a control group to smell five products: peppermint, fennel, coconut oil, garlic and cardamom. Coconut oil and peppermint were found to be the first to disappear and to smell the most difficult for the infected persons, while the control group had no problem with them. A quarter of the Covid patients could not smell coconut oil and a fifth could not smell peppermint.

Bron (nen): HLN


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