If you delete your Facebook account, you will lose the Oculus games you have purchased

That was in August it became clear that Oculus would start requiring Facebook login for all its VR customers. The controversial change was introduced earlier this month, and as users have discovered, the merger is one that is difficult to get out of.

As a VR developer pointed out on Twitter last week, you lose access to all your Oculus games if you should delete or deactivate your Facebook account.

The article continues below the Twitter image.

– Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information. This includes the purchase of apps and progress tags. You will no longer have the option to get back any apps and lose existing credit in the store, Facebook alerts those who try to delete their account.

The discovery has set in motion a new wave of frustration among those who were already dissatisfied with Facebook’s entry on the VR platform. The official The Twitter account of Oculus downloaded by sour comments, and some users are now trying to put together a class action lawsuit to strike back.

It is part of the story that logging in via Facebook is not yet a requirement for existing customers. While new users are now being forced onto Facebook, those who previously had an Oculus account have had two years to take the leap.

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However, our writer wonders if Facebook has ruined the fun ยป


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