If you complain about being thin and want to use your cowardice, safe and healthy ways to gain weight

Excessive thinness causes many girls to be very embarrassed, and it is difficult to find many healthy and safe ways that help in gaining weight, and it may be that the weight loss is due to illness, not eating healthy foods at the specified dates, or increasing the burning of calories in the body.

Easy and healthy ways to help you get rid of thinness

We will offer you the most important safe methods that help you a lot in gaining weight, including the following:

Eating foods that contain high calories will help you a lot to gain weight quickly, including fats such as oil or butter, and add them to the meal so that it is full of energy and calories are many.

Fats are one of the main things that you must rely on in your diet, and eating them is one of the things that help in increasing your weight, and this is through eating nuts, weight-gaining grains, and dried fruits with full-fat yogurt.

Drink milk and all high-calorie drinks, and milk must be full fat and mixed with a type of fruit, and it is also possible to put peanut butter and smoothies on it that increase weight a lot.

Eating proteins in large quantities such as red meat increases weight and builds muscle, and the most important of which is salmon because it is full of healthy fats and calories, and also oily fish increases weight in an easy, fast and healthy way.

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