If you belong to this category, be careful to get the flu shot

There has been a lot of discussion about flu vaccination for several months now. Obviously, this year is very different from the last ones and, understandably, the attention that is placed on a topic like this is greater.

With the Covid vaccine on the way, but not yet for a few months, getting vaccinated against the flu is an important weapon in fighting the pandemic. Precisely for this reason, doctors, and health personnel in general, have been urging the population to proceed with vaccination for this summer.

Absolute security

It is now clear to everyone how very safe the flu vaccine available is. Despite some slight collateral effect which could occur for a few hours, even if very infrequent, there is no reason to consider it dangerous. In fact, it would be much more risky to not get vaccinated and hope not to contract the coronavirus.

Although its safety has been reiterated several times, it is useful to point out that there may be rare cases where different treatment may be necessary. In fact, there are people who already suffer from particular previous pathologies for which the vaccine is not totally indicated. Therefore, if you are part of this category, be careful to administer the flu vaccine.

Autoimmune diseases

With autoimmune diseases we refer to pathologies that consist in the alteration of the immune system. The latter therefore causes various types of ailments in the body. If you suffer from autoimmune diseases it is recommended that you speak to your GP before proceeding with the vaccine.

In rare cases, vaccination is not recommended and other treatments are preferred, such as vaccination of all family members or the intake of specific drugs. It is important to repeat how safe the flu vaccine is and has no contraindications, only in these cases you will need to ask your doctor one more question.

So if you are part of this category, be careful to administer the flu shot.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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