If you are looking for a new car, these are the three most reliable car brands in 2020

According to a car study, Lexus tops the list of the most reliable car brand

According to Consumer Reports Annual Reliability Survey, If you plan to buy a new car, you should know what are the brands of cars more reliable and its characteristics, so here we tell you what are the 3 brands They obtained the title of most reliable.

The survey was conducted in November 2019 and the results were surprising, because according to the results, the 3 firms listed as more reliable took the title due to their improvement and balance between quality, price and investment of fuel and spare parts.


Lexus is a Japanese car brand that positioned itself in the first place by demonstrating that its cars have the perfect change of fuel-saving technology.


The firm proved to have very good engine quality in its cars, in addition to the transmission system, electrical system, climate, braking system, paint quality and car structure.

Mazda successfully passed all the tests performed by the investigators of Consumer Reports becoming the second most reliable brand to choose a new car.


The Japanese firm Lexus sister, down one position after staying six consecutive years in second place.
Toyota was placed in third place in the list, thanks to its handling and use of technological changes in its cars.

Renowned brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW and AudI obtained the category of cars of medium reliability, which suggests that you should not get carried away by the prestige of the brand, but by the performance of the engine, quality in finishes and materials, and above all, in the safety they can offer other vehicles that have developed years of research and technology to offer you the best option.

Other car firms like Chrysler, Dodge, Infiniti and Mini They managed to rise in the ranking, mainly because of the redesigns and improvements in their reduced models, as well as the average or better reliability of their older models that no longer have errors in their new versions.


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