If you are fond of games .. Xbox Series S from Microsof

Microsoft is rumored to be introducing a second-generation Xbox console this month, and it looks like the affordable platform will be dubbing the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S

Verge obtained pictures of Microsoft’s new Xbox game console in white with packaging referring to the Xbox Series S.

A Twitter user was able to purchase the new console arm through a distributor site, and the packaging side indicates that the arm works with both (Xbox Series X) and (Xbox Series S).

Xbox Series S

Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed the Xbox Series S yet, and the company hasn’t even confirmed the presence of a white Xbox Series X console.

Last month, the Xbox Series X console came online in white with a new D-pad and a new share button.

This new leak matches previous console arm leakage, with retail packaging indicating it will be in stores soon.

The Xbox Series S is probably cheaper than Microsoft’s second-generation Xbox console, and it’s called Lockhart.

A Microsoft document, leaked again in June, further sheds light on the company’s plans for the two next-generation gaming platforms.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X devkit, codenamed “Dante,” allows game developers to enable a special “Lockhart” mode that contains a performance profile Microsoft wants to achieve with this second console.

The Lockhart console is expected to feature 7.5 GB of usable RAM, 4 teraflops of GPU performance, and it will ship with the same CPU as the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft is rumored to unveil its cheapest new platform sometime in August.

This platform is likely to play an important role in the company’s subscription plans (Xbox All Access), which include a console (Xbox Live) and (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) for a monthly fee.

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