If you are banned in pubg mobile get the alternative Korean version of this game

A large number of fans of the mobile game who are suffering from the ban on their account in the game are looking for a solution to this problem so that they can play with ease without any problem, so we offer you in this article the alternative and excellent solution to it which is the Korean version of the game that Never differ from it, it is much better than it, and it won the admiration of many players all over the world.

Features of mobile game Korean version

This version of Bebji is distinguished by being completely separate from the international version and therefore the players in it do not suffer from any interruptions or problems during the game, and therefore the players use it with ease and naturally and this version does not need a VBN connection, it has a lot of tools, maps and distinctive bags that make the game better and more Enthusiasm and suspense, as it has a high degree of excitement and properties that only exist with it.

Korean version of Bubgy for 2020

Users of the Korean version of the mobile phone game can add their friends who are in the original version and play with them naturally in one team even, but only friends who use the Korean version will appear on Facebook, and you can get them easily from the online store located at the phone.

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