If you are a man and want to anticipate breast cancer, follow these tips

Fortunately, today there is a high level of awareness regarding breast cancer, one of the most common in women. However, many people associate it exclusively with women (not without reason, since it is much more prevalent in this group and therefore prevention and information campaigns have been aimed at them) and forget that, very rarely instances, it also affects men.

Therefore, and since there is always a possibility that men suffer from it, it is important to be aware of your risks and how to act so that they are the smallest possible.

Can breast cancer in men be prevented?

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent cancer from developing of breast in men or to reduce the risk of suffering from it, since as we will now see, its risk factors are not modifiable. However, there are habits that can help minimize its damages and dangers.

Specifically, it is important to keep in mind that it also affects men and consequently be prepared to recognize your symptoms (and to request confirmation and / or treatment from them) since early detection significantly improves the prognosis.

This is especially critical for those who comply with the risk factor’s of this type of tumor, which are exposure to radiation, high levels of estrogen (which can occur due to excessive alcohol consumption, cirrhosis, obesity or the use of certain medications such as those involved in the treatment of prostate cancer), family history, gynecomastia (excessive breast tissue), or advanced age.

The typical symptoms of breast cancer in men include the appearance of lumps or swelling in the breast (usually only one breast), swelling or lumps under the nipple, changes in the appearance of the nipple and discharge from the nipple.

If any of these signs are detected, it is very important to see a doctor so that he can prescribe the relevant tests and / or examinations. If the presence of breast cancer is confirmed, the treatment It can go through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.

For those who detect cancer before it spreads, survival rates at 5 years they are very high; Even survival is high for those who detect it when it has already spread to lymph nodes. The outlook, on the other hand, is much worse if the cancer has spread to distant parts of the body. That is why it is so important to detect it in time.



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