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“If Tottenham tells me to stay, I would go again,” said Cuti Romero

CRISTIAN CUTI ROMERO assured today that obtaining the World Cup in Qatar wasThe best thing that happened to me in lifeand guaranteed their presence in the friendlies in March with the selected one and warned that if his team, Tottenham, from England, tells him that “I did not go, I would go again“.

“Winning the World Cup was the best thing that happened to me in my life,” Romero confessed.

Speaking to TyC Sports and regarding how he marked the Norwegian striker Erling Haaland in the recent match between Tottehnahm and Manchester City, the Cordovan defender indicated: “I am a student of (Nicholas) Otamendi when it comes to defending, I’m still learning“, although he did not elaborate on the expulsion he suffered in that game.

I was always playing man to man. To press very high. With Gasperini we did it a lot in Atalanta. I understand the risks. If he had to mark Julián, he didn’t touch him. Julian runs a lot. Good thing he was on the other side“, he added.

Regarding his presence in the friendlies of the National Team in March, Romero was clear: “If Tottenham tell me to stay, I already left once, I would leave again” and then added that, from the concentration in Qatar strange “everything, the group is missed, the day to day, the dunks, the trick matches“.

Regarding his partner in the defense of the selected team, Lisandro Martínez, he indicated that many English journalists asked him about him and he told them that “they were going to end up loving the Licha. It is not easy to adapt to the Premier League“.

Like Lionel Messi recently, Romero rejected accusations that Argentine players “bad winners“, stating that “Lately, Argentines for the rest of the world are misplaced or bad winners. The only thing we did was win at whatever cost“.

Two days before the match against the Netherlands, in the trick matches we analyzed the things they said, the things that one and the other said, and those things are annoying. Football is like that, the World Cup is just a game. Our way of winning was that, but the one who reviews the whole film will see that they were the ones who talked a lot before the game“, he added.

I relived the best of the quarterfinal duel between Argentina and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, he stated that “The one who analyzes and questions the temperature with which the game was played is because he does not breathe football and has never experienced football.“.

We won fairly and we won it well because we played an excellent game, we deserved to go through“, he added.

Regarding the match against France, Romero said he believes that it is “the one who watched the final the most“and you must have seen”the whole match like 20 times“.

Cuti confessed to having seen the eternal final against France more than 20 times.

When I raised the glass I thought of my son and I broke down, it was the most beautiful thing to live next to him“, recounted the Tottenham centre-back, who added:”The 40 days of concentration in Qatar were the best thing that happened to me in my life“.

Image Cuti, the champion's medal and the Mini Romero in his arms.

Cuti, the champion’s medal and the Mini Romero in his arms. “It was the most beautiful thing to live next to him,” she admitted. Photo: AFP

From his beginnings as a footballer, Cuti recalled that he went to try River, Independiente and Racing, but he wanted to be in Córdoba and play in Belgrano.

I wanted to leave Belgrano because I didn’t play and they told me to come back here in three months. Leaving was the best thing that has happened to me in my career. I suffered a lot leaving Belgrano. It was the dream of my life to play there“, accurate.


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