If this is your first MacBook, buy this right now (you’re welcome)

A keyboard skin with all the macOS shortcuts

As we said, there is a wide range of possibilities on the market in terms of accessories for Apple computers. In addition, these accessories have the great advantage that they are capable of giving users the opportunity to get the most out of it to these computers. One of these accessories is keyboard skins, or covers, whatever you want to call it.

Usually, these types of accessories are intended, first of all, protect your MacBook keyboardsince in the end you cover it with it, and also, in most cases, give it an aesthetic touch completely different from the one you had until now, making your Apple computer completely different from the rest.

As well, this cover from the MOSISO brand brings extra functionality to the two previously mentioned, since in it are the different keyboard shortcuts that you can use whenever you are using your MacBook Pro. In this way you will be able to work in a much more efficient way, being able to increase your productivity, something that all users look for when they get in front of the computer to work.

It is made with durable siliconewhich is also very thin, specifically has 0.3 mm thick, and this is really important since this way there will be no possibility that this cover or case could damage the computer screen itself when it is closed. In the same way, such a thin thickness makes writing is much more pleasant and natural, something that with other options can be lost. You also have to keep in mind that with this cover, the keyboard of your Mac will be completely safe from any liquid that may fall on it, so it not only gives you an aesthetic and functional touch, but it is also a very adequate way to protect the integrity of your Apple equipment.

at the time of apply or install it On the keyboard of your Mac you will not have to worry about anything, you just have to put it on it and that’s it, it adheres perfectly. In the same way, whenever you want to clean it you can do the same, remove it, wash it well and put it back so that it looks the best it can be.

mosiso2 keyboard cover

However, it’s not all good news with this keyboard cover, as compatibility is somewhat limited to a series of MacBook Pro models. Specifically, as you may have seen from the images of the product that we have provided, it is specifically designed to be compatible with MacBook Pros that have TouchBar. Therefore, the rest of the users who have different models will not be able to enjoy the advantages offered by this particular cover.

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