If Shohei Otani protects the winger and raises in 4 days … US media hypothesis “best season of the MLB” | Full count

Ohtani has played 94.5% as a hitter and 80% as a pitcher this season.

Shohei Otani of the Angels pitcher, active in both throwing and striking. Although she is showing the work of a lion on a stagnant team, the US media has put forward a bold hypothesis. Is it possible to protect the DH during throws or increase the number of throws of the team by adopting a rotation of 5 men? If so, by how much will the “WAR” index increase, which comprehensively evaluates pitching, batting, defense and base running? The American media “The Score” reports it.

According to reporter Travis Soczyk, who wrote the article, the “MVP controversy” with Yankees winger Aaron Judge prompted Ohtani to think about how to overcome Judge’s WAR. In the WAR of the American baseball data site “Fungraphs”, Judge is 10.7 and Ohtani is 8.8.

The same reporter asked outside Mike Trout if Ohtani could play outside instead of DH and rotate with a 4 day rotation. “It will be too much for a whole season,” Trout replied. “If you need to protect the outfield, he can do it. He says he.

So Soczyk speculated the maximum number of times a two-way player could play in the current 162-game system. Casting times use “200 innings” with a rotation of 5 people. Since you cannot play as a defender on the day you start pitching, the maximum number of innings you can play as a defender is approximately 1150 innings. Based on that number, Ohtani is keeping up with 663 at-bats this season, 94.5% of his maximum at-bats. As a pitcher, the pace is 160 innings, which is 80% of the “max value” of 200 innings when using a five-person rotation.

Ohtani’s WAR this season is said to be 8.8 → 12.0 if she maxes out.

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