“If she didn’t get enough likes, she didn’t feel accepted”

Chloé Davison was a 19 year old young woman with dreams but above all a big addiction: social networks. She was especially attentive to the feedback she could get when she posted a photo. “Chloe was the type of person who asked the whole family to like their photo on Facebook. She also asked me which photo I thought was the best before I published it, “said her sister Jade, a year older than her, with a broken heart.

Suffering from social anxiety, Chloé Davison was found dead at the family home in County Durham (UK) on December 20. For her sister, social media played “a big role” in her sister’s suicide. “Social media was not the only cause of his death, but it was a big part. It’s too easy for people to sit behind a phone or a computer and send nasty messages thinking they’ll be harmless, ”said Jade. Sun.

For her, giants like Facebook and Snapchat should be given closer scrutiny. “It’s such a shame that people think that the only way to be happy is to feel accepted on social media. Because everything is wrong! When you use social media, all you see is the “perfect life” that you make up when the reality is quite different. “

“Chloe was my best friend …”

When Chloe started using social media, all she was talking about, “was the number of likes she had. She was too concerned about what others thought of her, “said her sister. “She thought a photo was not good enough unless she got likes and comments. If she didn’t get enough likes, she didn’t feel accepted … “

The young woman, however, also experienced hate messages. “I spent several nights with Chloe who was crying because someone had said something horrible,” says Jade, who continues. “She didn’t see what we saw. She was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside and would have done absolutely anything for me, her grand niece and the rest of her family. “

“I am absolutely devastated. I don’t even have the words to describe the pain. I just had a baby, just nine weeks ago, that Chloé adored. Chloe was my best friend and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her, ”concludes Jade.

“She cared about how people saw her”

Destroyed, Chloé’s mom also blames “a lot of what happened” on social media. Clair, 44, says the impact they can have, especially on young people, may be “devastating.”

“She struggled socially to go to school, so she didn’t work. Social media was his way of spending the day. She didn’t go out much. The other people didn’t see what we saw. Chloe was bubbly and hilarious. She was beautiful, but she did not see him. She cared too much about the way people saw her. “

On the day of the terrible drama, Clair was out with friends. “I don’t go out very often but it has been planned for months. I was in a bar when a bouncer caught me and the police told me what had happened. I left her at 9 p.m. and she committed suicide around 11:30 p.m. at home. Everything is blurred for me now. We were so close, Chloe was my baby. “



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