If Putin decides to use nuclear weapons, Western intelligence services would know immediately, says Ukrainian military expert

According to him, the West is very familiar with Russia’s nuclear weapons storage sites because they have all been inspected under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“I always quote the general [Ukrainas Aizsardzības ministrijas Galvenās izlūkošanas direktorāta priekšnieka Kirila] Budanov’s example. He said earlier this summer:

“When the meeting ends in Putin’s bunker, five minutes after the transcript is on the desk of Western intelligence services.”

That’s why I think the West will find out immediately, “Zhdanov said.

He also pointed out that the process of carrying out a nuclear attack is multi-layered.

“The infamous red button is a myth created by the media. The nuclear bag contains the codes to bring the nuclear warhead into combat condition. And the procedure is multilevel. If one of the levels fails or is not completed, then the codes will not reach either. the launcher nor the means of application … And taking into account the condition in which [Krievijas] the equipment arrived due to long-term storage, I think the nuclear warheads could be in roughly the same condition, “said the expert.

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