If no cure is discovered, what is the best thing to do if we cannot kill the Coronavirus?

When we cannot kill a virus, the best thing we can do is to prevent it from reproducing … all we can do is shorten the period of infection and this makes the patient after the infection is over, said Professor Raed Dweck, president of the Respiratory Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. It recovers more and faster and the body gets rid of any remaining virus.

According to what was published by the “Mint” website, Remdesivir Remedisfer is the only drug that targets the virus itself, as it works by tampering with the virus’s ability to reproduce, causing dangers when the virus tries to copy itself.

The drug was originally developed as a treatment for Ebola, but it was not very effective, and the dwindling outbreak in Africa made it difficult for the manufacturer, Gilead Sciences Inc Study of its effect on Ebola.

Clinical trials have shown that remdesivir can help patients Covid-19 The hospital is in the process of recovering more quickly but it is not a definitive cure for Corona, and it is unlikely that there will be a cure any time soon.

Cannon said: “It will take years to have effective and specific drugs that can stop the Corona virus in its course … the vast majority of candidate drugs fail.”

In the future, patients will likely receive a combination of treatments that attack the virus and other treatments that help keep them stable.

Currently, it is considered remdesivir Part of patient care that includes the only other treatment, which is the steroid dexamethasone, which reduces corona deaths from critically ill patients, in addition to other treatment methods when needed, including placing patients on ventilators, blood thinners and experimental methods to calm the overactive immune system.

As new styles reach the market, they will be added to the mix. But for most people, any viral treatment should outperform the formidable and already established approach: the human immune system.


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