If Mourinho Can Bring Tottenham Champion …


Without much fuss, Tottenham Hotspur now perched near the top of the standings Premier League. Spurs are considered to have an attack line capable of winning titles.

Tottenham Hotspur currently sits in second place in the Premier League standings, collecting 17 points from eight matches. The squad made Jose Mourinho it has five wins, two draws and one loss.

Since losing to Everton with a score of 0-1 in the first weekend, Tottenham have been without defeat in seven consecutive Premier League matches. However, former Manchester United defender Gary Neville is still unsure about calling Tottenham one of the title contenders.

On the other hand, Neville admits Tottenham have an attacking line that could change the map of the title competition, which contains Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Gareth Bale. The Jose Mourinho factor will certainly play an important role and Neville is looking forward to the Portuguese manager being able to lift the trophy.

“I said it a few weeks ago on Monday Night Football, that the Spurs can’t win the league, and I still don’t think they can do it,” Neville was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“But I also agree with Jamie Carragher, that it will be a most extraordinary story, if you see Jose Mourinho won the Premier League with Tottenham. “

“It would be something to worry Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal fans. It would be one big story, because Tottenham never won the league!”

“He’s got the attackers to make it happen. You think about the strength of the attack line and the goals, that’s incredible,” he added.

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