‘If it turns out as they have in mind, Götze will make PSV champion’

Erik Meijer has an ambiguous feeling about Mario Götze’s sensational PSV transfer. Behind the current state of the 28-year-old German is a question mark.

“If it turns out as PSV and Mario Götze themselves have in mind, the Eredivisie will have a wonderful player who will give color to the competition and make PSV champion. But then a lot of question marks have to be resolved”, Meijer explains to the WE.

The former striker played at PSV between 1993 and 1995 and now analyzes at the German branch of Sky. In the last six years, Götze has ‘not shown much more’, says Meijer. Still, Götze can become a sensation. “The Eredivisie is a little more focused on technique and less on physical violence than German football. His qualities come into their own here, but then PSV must get him fit.”

Meijer thinks that Götze is making a ‘wise’ choice with PSV. “In Germany the pressure and the spotlights were too great for the boy who until a few years ago as The wounderchild went through life. “


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