If I don’t drop out, maybe Formula E won’t happen


Chairman of PSI Giring Ganesha talks about his action falling in the area that is now a circuit Formula E Ancol, Jakarta. The Formula E circuit is finished, the event is being held, what does Giring Ganesha say?

“In fact, yesterday we were escorting it until I dropped out, they should be grateful because if I didn’t escort it, I didn’t get stuck, maybe they would relax and the event might not happen,” said Giring in the Kuningan area, Jakarta, Monday (Feb. 6/6/2022).

According to Giringthe construction of the Formula E circuit was motivated by his action to directly check the location until it crashed.

“But it was precisely because I dropped out that they were finally motivated, ‘We have to show it ke Bro Giring nih that we can’,” he said.

Mud Drop Moment

Giring Ganesha had time to upload an inspection moment to the Formula E location in Ancol which at that time had not been done. Giring shook his head because he only found a row of goats there. There was also a moment when Giring hit the ground which he called soft.

“This morning, I visited the Formula E location. Yes, this is how the 2.3 T people’s money project looks like,” said Giring on Twitter, Wednesday (5/1/2022).

At that time, Giring was walking down the street at the Formula E location he mentioned earlier. Piles of mangrove roots, said Giring, were also visible at several points. This place is said to be a swamp and used as a dumping ground for mud from various DKI Jakarta Provincial Government projects in the past.

Giringwho was accompanied by the chairman of the DKI Jakarta PSI DPW Michael Sianipar and a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Anggara W Sastroamidjojo, continued to criticize Formula E. When Giring expressed his hope that the project he called “presidential candidate‘ It’s not so embarrassing, that’s where his leg broke.

“I can’t understand it, Jakartans’ money is wasted like this. Then it’s an ambitious project for presidential candidate I hope this doesn’t hurt tax money… oh my God, oh God, yes…. Oh God, my feet are in again,” said Giring. There was a laugh in Giring’s video.

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