If he intended the pilgrimage for the year, de .. Saudi Health issues important advice

The Saudi Ministry of Health issued important advice for those wishing to perform the Hajj season this year to spend the rituals in health and safety and not to be exposed to any health problems, especially patients. chronic diseases And the elderly who suffer from some diseases, the Saudi Health issued an educational bulletin for those wishing to perform the rituals of Hajj to begin preparing and rehabilitating their bodies on the great physical exertion that is made during the performance of the rites.

The advice of the Saudi Ministry of Health to those wishing to perform the rites of pilgrimage came the necessity of walking for 30 minutes daily to be able to walk five kilometers in an open place, in addition to the need to start preparing for the pilgrimage three months before the pilgrimage.

The Saudi Health provided these tips in different languages ​​so that pilgrims of all countries can know these tips and start preparing for the rituals of Hajj in health and safety without exposure to any health problems especially that Hajj witnesses great hardship to complete the rituals starting from standing with Arafat and throwing Jamarat and Tawaf and seeking, which requires walking for distances Long in the crowd.

The Saudi health explained that preparing for the pilgrimage healthily contributes to protecting the pilgrim from disease and the transmission of infection during the performance of rituals.

The Umrah season has started since the end of last month, and a large number of people travel to perform Umrah, which is what they must follow a number of important tips to prevent infection and viral diseases..


Pilgrims and pilgrims are more susceptible to diseases, infection and viral diseases, as a result of crowding or eating contaminated food, so pilgrims and pilgrims are advised to follow some advice to prevent food poisoning, according to what the site stated “medicalnewstoday”.

Tips when traveling to perform Umrah:

1: It is advised to avoid unknown foods or open vegetables, and it is advised to wash the vegetables thoroughly before eating them with an interest in cooking well..

2: It is advised not to leave food exposed for long periods in order to avoid exposure to viruses and germs that transmit and affect your health condition..

3: Make sure to wash your hands frequently, especially before and after eating or using the toilet.

4: It is recommended to avoid being in crowded places where viruses and germs spread, while using a muzzle on the mouth to avoid infection.

5: Do not consume exposed water and be careful to use only your own water bottle.

6: It is advised to avoid exchanging personal tools from one person to another, whether razors, hair brushes or spoons of food, in order to prevent infection and viruses..

7: It is advised to put stomach and antiseptic drugs into the first aid kit in life, to treat intestinal infections and poisoning immediately..


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