If China embargoes pineapples, go to the Japanese market Mayor of Taoyuan, Taiwan, “Never flinch” in Japanese: J-CAST News[Full text view]

Following China‘s decision to embargo Taiwanese pineapples from March 1, 2021, Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan of Taoyuan City, near Taipei, announced on his Twitter that he would never flinch. As the Chinese market is lost, we want to strengthen our appeal to the Japanese market.

The tweets have received a great deal of attention, with over 25,000 retweets, and Japanese users have been cheering for “buy with all their might” and “refuel! Taiwan!”.

  • Response to “Pineapple” tweet by Mayor Taoyuan, Taiwan (Image from Mayor Chung’s tweet)

“Taiwanese farmers had a hard time raising …”

Pineapple is a Taiwanese specialty known for its warm climate. “Pineapple cake”, which is made by wrapping pineapple jam in flour dough and baking it, is also a standard souvenir from Taiwan. According to Taiwanese media reports on February 26, Chinese customs officials announced on the same day that they would ban the import of Taiwanese pineapples from March 1. The reason is that pests have been confirmed multiple times from pineapple. More than 90% of Taiwanese pineapples are exported to China. With this background and China‘s high tariffs on Australian wines at the end of 2020, President Tsai Ing-wen said on his Twitter account on February 26, “China‘s unfairness following Australian wines. Trade practices are now targeting Taiwanese pineapples, “condemned the Chinese response.

Meanwhile, Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan of Taoyuan City updated his Twitter on the 26th. In Japanese, he said the following thoughts.

China has announced an import ban from March 1st, but we still never falter. The delicious and juicy pineapples that Taiwanese farmers have worked hard to grow are loved not only by Taiwan but also by Japanese people. If you haven’t tried it yet, please try Taiwanese pineapple. “

There is also a voice saying “Please export more and more”

Mayor Chung’s tweet has received more than 25,000 retweets by the 28th, and even from Japanese Twitter users.

“I will buy it with all my strength”
“I bought it online immediately”
“Come on! Taiwan!”

The voices of support gathered. However, there were many requests such as “Please export more and more to Japan” and “Please promote more and more” because there are few chances to see Taiwanese pineapples at domestic supermarkets.

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The next day, Mr. Cai also posted on his Twitter account, “Have you ever eaten pineapple cake? There are various types of pineapple cake in Taiwan,” and appealed the charm of pineapple cake with a video. did.

Also, on the 27th, Frank Hsieh, the representative of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, who is equivalent to Taiwan’s ambassador to Japan, posted an elementary school lunch in a Japanese city that will be the host town of Taiwanese athletes at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics scheduled to be held this summer. Suggested that “Taiwan Pineapple” be spread.


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