If a party in New York was canceled due to the pandemic, see how to get the money back | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

weather.target: the pandemic forced thecancellation of hundreds ofparties and events, leavingmany families with theirbroken plans.Berenice tells us thatoptions you have forget your money back.berenice: it was he was goingexpected for thisquinceañera and despite allthe preparations hadthan to celebrate it at home.we had everything ready.berenice: one-year-old wingsthen they have not been ableget back the $ 1500 thatgave.ni un ólar nos hanbeen able to return.berenice: we call the saonof parties and they told us thatThey only gave a loan foranother party.the general prosecutor’s officeexplains that the cause thatis implicit in almost allcommercial contracts,that if a business does notcan meet whatagreed the client cannotsue them, in this case thepandemic is a caseextraordinary.business can not berun out of money if notthey have done the job.berinece: that’s why a prosecutorhas gone after business andhas managed to help aroundthan 17,000 customers.sometimes there is no copy of thecontract.berinece: recommendsthose contracts.according to contract,for this family they will not be$ 500 refundable, that’s whyplace your complaint before theprosecution.the state prosecutor’s officeNew York asks what you havea shape on your page,you can also call 1000


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