‘Idol Singles 4’ Creates 3 Couples in Final Selection for Explosive Cohabitation Life

‘Idol Singles 4’ Creates 3 Couples in Final Selection for Explosive Cohabitation Life

‘Idol Singles 4’ created a total of 3 couples in the final selection, including Jimmy♥Heejin, Ricky♥Harim, and Jerome♥Benita, and announced the beginning of their full-fledged ‘cohabitation life’, drawing an explosive response from viewers.

In the 10th episode of MBN’s dating entertainment show ‘Idol Singles 4 IN USA’, which aired on the 24th, 10 single men and women from the United States – Dewey, Ricky, Benita, Sora, Jerome, Jimmy, Jisoo, Tom, Harim and Heejin – had their final 1:1 date. After proceeding, the ‘final choice’ was made. On this day, ‘Idol Singles 4’, which provided a record-breaking ‘American immersion’, recorded 4.6% (based on Nielsen Korea paid broadcast households), breaking Season 4’s own highest viewership rating again. In addition, in the non-drama TV search response for the second week of September released by Good Data Corporation, ‘Idol Singles 4’ ranked 3rd, and in the non-drama search issue keywords, ‘Idol Singles 4’ ranked 1st (Harim, ‘Idol Singles 4’). It proved topical.

Prior to the final selection, the 1:1 date scene of single men and women was revealed. Tom and Sora relieved their stress by boating and snorkeling in the waters of Cancun, and formed a deep bond of empathy as mothers and fathers of 4-year-old children. Jimmy Then, Jimmy asked her about her final choice, “Have you made up your mind?”, and Heejin trailed off, saying, “I’m not sure because there are issues I’m worried about other than (Jimmy) being a good person.” As the two live in New York and Vancouver, respectively, and the ‘ultra-long distance’ only takes 6 hours by plane, MC Lee Hye-young sighed, saying, “From now on, I’m starting to think about realistic aspects.”

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Dewey and Jisoo enjoyed a more lively one-on-one date than expected. Jisoo, who had secretly expressed her feelings of burden over Dewey’s one-sided courtship, ‘respected’ him, saying, “He looks really good” when he found out that Dewey worked for a company that makes games that he likes. The two then formed a sweet atmosphere enough to share a mango in half, and exchanged pink signals by sharing ‘couple bracelets’ at the market. In response, the 5 MCs cheered for the two, saying, “I have a good feeling.”

Jerome showed a ‘full sprint’ on a 1:1 date to win the heart of Benita, who had a “50% likeability rating.” He made an instant proposal with flower ice cream, saying, “I’ll buy you anything,” and held a ‘surprise event’ where he secretly put flowers in the passenger glove box of the car for Benita, who said, “I don’t like public confessions,” so Benita would find them. It made Benita smile. However, after returning to the dorm, Benita revealed to Sora and Heejin that she was still contemplating the final choice, saying, “After learning about her past as a celebrity, she felt like she was taking one step forward and ten steps back.”

The next day, the long-awaited ‘final selection’ was held at the ‘Great Ferris Wheel’. The single women got on the Ferris wheel first, and the single man got on the Ferris wheel of the single woman he liked, and when they got off together, they became a couple. Heejin’s Ferris wheel arrived first, and as everyone expected, Jimmy got on it. Heejin, who hesitated and said, “You need to think about long-distance relationships a little more carefully,” said to Jimmy, “I’ll hold (her hand) first today,” and she got off together. As the first couple of Season 4 was born, the atmosphere in the studio heated up, and then Sora’s Ferris wheel arrived, making everyone hold their breath. However, no one got on Sora’s Ferris wheel. Sora, alone and lost in her thoughts on her Ferris wheel, said, “From now on, if I find someone I like, I will definitely express it,” and she ended her romantic journey so far.

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Next, when Harim’s Ferris wheel arrived, Ricky got on it without any surprises. The two got off the show together, holding hands, without hesitation, becoming the second couple to do so. They confirmed their feelings for each other early on and revealed their specific plans, saying, “Once we start living together, Ricky has decided to come to Seattle (where Harim lives).” After much deliberation, Dewey got on Jisoo’s Ferris wheel, but Jisoo got off the wheel alone, saying, “I want to be good friends from now on.” Dewey, who was watching Jisoo’s back as she walked away, coolly left the boarding area, saying, “I didn’t accept my feelings, but I have no regrets because I did everything I could.”

Lastly, Jerome got on Benita’s Ferris wheel. Tom, who had been forming a love triangle with the two people, revealed his intention to give up the ride after much deliberation, saying, “I think they are happiest when they are together, and I don’t want to interfere with their relationship.” Inside the Ferris wheel, Jerome said, “You decide as you want,” but right before getting off, he pointed to the phrase on the ‘couple bracelet’ the two of them had put together and said, “I want to be your eternal Dear, so I can be your eternal Baby.” I confessed earnestly. Benita, who had been silent the whole time, got off alone when the Ferris wheel stopped, breaking the hearts of the 5 MCs, but immediately turned around and held out her hand to Jerome, creating a ‘big twist’ situation. When a total of three couples, including Jerome

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After the couple was confirmed, it was announced that single men and women would live together in real houses, and for the first time in history, ‘real cohabitation’ with ‘X’ (former spouse) appearing was announced, raising expectations to the highest level. The 11th episode of MBN’s ‘Idol Singles’, in which an unimaginable cohabitation life will unfold, to the point where 5 MCs will hold their stomachs and ‘laugh out loud’, will be broadcast at 10 PM on Sunday, October 1.

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