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IDF Completely Destroys Massive Hamas Tunnel Network Under Gaza: Officials

Massive Hamas Tunnel Network Obliterated by IDF

Published March 17, 2024, 3:52 p.m. ET

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have successfully leveled a mile-long section of a vast Hamas tunnel network that was operating beneath the Gaza Strip. This strategic operation, carried out by the elite Yahalom unit and combat engineers with the 162nd Division, has dealt a significant blow to Hamas.

The destroyed section of the tunnel served as a crucial connector between various Hamas battalions, facilitating the movement of their military forces between northern and southern Gaza. With its destruction, the IDF has successfully disrupted Hamas’ operations in the region.

The leveled tunnel network, spanning over 7.5 miles, far exceeds the size of the previously found tunnel near the Erez Crossing last December, which measured at approximately 2.5 miles.

The destruction and sealing of the 2.5 mile long tunnel near Erez Crossing took the IDF three months to complete. In the case of the central Gaza tunnel, it remains to be seen how long it will take to completely demolish and seal off.

IDF operations against Hamas tunnels
The IDF estimates that it has destroyed about 40% of Hamas’ terror tunnels.

Israeli forces have adopted various methods in their mission to dismantle Hamas’ tunnel system. Alongside the demolition operations, airstrikes have targeted key tunnel locations, and seawater from the Mediterranean has been utilized to flood the tunnels, rendering them unusable.

While the IDF has made significant progress in neutralizing Hamas’ tunnel network, it continues to be a challenge. Hamas, through illicit funding and resource allocation, remains determined to rebuild and expand their tunnel infrastructure.

Sunday’s operation saw the IDF’s Nahal Brigade eliminating 18 Hamas gunmen in central Gaza. The IDF engaged in fierce battles involving sharpshooters, tanks, and airstrikes, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding Israel’s security.

The developments in this ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas underline the ongoing threat that Hamas poses to regional stability and the security of innocent civilians. The IDF remains vigilant in defending the Israeli people from the complex network of tunnels that Hamas employs.

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