Identification required in clubs and bars – Canton of Aargau takes further measures against Corona – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau

In the canton of Aargau, bar and club visitors are required to show ID from Friday evening. If the specification is disregarded, the companies are threatened with closure. The reason for the identification requirement is the trend towards increasing Covid case numbers.

The identification requirement applies from Friday, 6 p.m., as the cantonal doctor Yvonne Hummel told the media in Aarau on Thursday. Restoration companies are excluded. The measure ordered by the cantonal doctor will last until mid-August.

The risk of infection by an infected person in bars and clubs is very high, as experience has shown, said Hummel. It is therefore important that potential contact persons can be identified and informed.

“Measures should be ordered where the risk of virus transmission is high,” said the cantonal doctor. The identification requirement ensures that identity is verified by requiring bar and club operators to compare the entries with a reliable official ID when maintaining the presence list. Passport, identity card or driver’s license are considered to be official identification.

Especially people from the Balkans

The club and bar companies would be checked to ensure that they complied with the requirements, said health director Jean-Pierre Gallati (SVP). The companies are threatened with closure if disregarded. If the measure did not work in about ten days, the screws would be tightened and all clubs would have to close.

Referring to the Spreitenbach case, Gallati said that 90 percent of those with new infections came from the Balkans.

The additional effort compared to a contact survey that has already been carried out correctly today is low, and the more reliable data contribute to a better possibility of tracing the infection chains, Gallati stated.

Significant increase in infections

After the easing steps in recent weeks, there has been a significant increase in new infections in Aargau for nine days, said Hummel. There have been 75 new infections since June 24.

According to the cantonal doctor, a large part of this can be attributed to the superspreader events in Zurich and Spreitenbach. The Contact Tracing Center currently looks after 65 infected people and 227 people in quarantine. (sda)


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