Identical results with Liverpool, why is Chelsea at the top of the English Premier League standings?

Not because of alphabetical order, the Blues have the right to top the standings thanks to the new Premier League rules

The end of the fifth week of the 2021/22 Premier League season marked a rare record, with Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United on the same points: 13 points from five games.

However, The Blues and The Reds who are entitled to occupy the top two positions, because their goal difference (11) is better than United (nine) after the first name beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 on Sunday (19/9) and the second name beat Crystal Palace with the same score on Saturday (18/9).

So why are Thomas Tuchel’s troops who are entitled to top the standings instead of Liverpool? The answer is not as simple as alphabetical order.

Exactly the same

Chelsea and Liverpool have exactly the same goalscoring and goalscoring records, ripping the net 12 times and conceding once.

Their results are the same, even from match to match. Funnily enough, both teams were equally responsible for the goals conceded respectively as they drew in the third week.

Week Chelsea Liverpool
1 3-0 vs Crystal Palace 3-0 vs Norwich City
2 2-0 vs Arsenal 2-0 vs Burnley
3 1-1 vs Liverpool 1-1 vs Chelsea
4 3-0 vs Aston Villa 3-0 vs Leeds United
5 3-0 vs Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 vs Crystal Palace

Tie-breaker First League

“If more than one club finishes with the same number of points, their position in the Premier League standings is determined by goal difference, then the number of goals scored. If they are still identical, they will be given the same ranking,” wrote the Premier League’s official website.

Referring to this statement, Chelsea and Liverpool should be considered top of the standings together.

But since the 2019/20 season, the EPL introduced new rules that put Cesar Azpilicueta cs ahead.

The rules consider head-to-head the disputed club if the club is still fighting for the title, European ticket, or fighting in the relegation zone.

The Premier League writes on their official website: “If two or more clubs finish equal in the table when competing for a European title or qualifier, or in a relegation battle, the record head-to-head will be used to separate them.”

Considering the last result between Chelsea and Liverpool ended equally strong, then away goals become the next differentiator.

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“If the clubs are still inseparable, the team that scores more away goals on record head-to-head will get a higher rank. “

Chelsea are practically ahead on away goals and have the right to the top considering that the battle between the two teams has only run once and was held at Anfield, Liverpool’s home ground.

What happens if it’s still equal?

If; (1) total points, (2) goal difference, (3) goals scored, (4) points head-to-head, (5) away goals head-to-head still can’t be the difference, then the disputing club will play the match play-off extra at a neutral stadium in a format, time and place to be determined by the Premier League Council.



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