Idaho’s missing children “turned zombies”, mother said


New legal documents suggest a possible reason for the death of JJ and Tylee Vallow, whose bodies were found several months after their disappearance on the property of their stepfather.

Have JJ and Tylee been victims of macabre beliefs? New legal documents suggest a possible theory in the death of two children aged 7 and 17, who have been missing since September in Idaho. Their mother, Lori Vallow, currently in prison, believed her children had become zombies, the documents quoted by FOX News indicate. According to a friend interviewed by the police, the mother referred to the term “zombie” to describe “an individual whose mortal spirit has left his body and whose body is now host to a new one. mind”.

Lieutenant Ron Ball explains that “the zombie is then always considered a dark spirit”. “While the ‘dark spirit’ inhabits the host body, the person’s true spirit enters ‘limbo’ and is stuck there until the host body is physically killed,” he wrote in his report. Lori Vallow and her new husband Chad Daybell, in whose home the bodies of the two children were discovered on June 9, are both members of a Mormon religious sect that is preparing for Jesus’ return to Earth and the end of the world. They reportedly explained to the police that their mission was to “get rid of the zombies”. During an interrogation, Lori Vallow, who refused until the end to say where the two children were, confirmed that little JJ, suffering from autism, had become a zombie, “that he loved Satan and that he ‘he stood still watching television’.

The uncle involved?

Chad Daybell is an important preacher to this group. The latter married Lori Vallow only two weeks after the death of his wife Tammy Daybell. At first, his death was described as natural, but his body was then exhumed in order to carry out new examinations. And Tammy Daybell isn’t the only person around them dead in recent months. Charles Vallow, Lori Vallow’s husband, was killed by the latter’s brother, who had invoked self-defense. Disturbingly, Alex Cox – who died of pulmonary embolism in December – had in the past been convicted of threats against one of Lori Vallow’s other husbands, Joseph Ryan, Tylee Ryan’s father. Joseph Ryan on his side died in 2018, of a heart attack. Separately, the FBI located a cell phone belonging to Alex Cox in Chad Daybell’s backyard on September 9 – the day after Tylee’s last visit – and on September 23 – the day after JJ’s last visit. .

JJ and Tylee had not been found since September but it was not until November 26 that the police were alerted by relatives concerned that they had not heard from JJ. Faced with investigators, Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow claimed the child was staying with a family friend in Arizona. When the police returned the next day to execute a search warrant, the two had fled the home. Police said the couple have said to witnesses that Tylee on her side was dead several months ago. Police had given the mother a deadline to say where her children are, but she did not respond. The couple were found in Hawaii. The mother was then extradited to Idaho. Chad Daybell was arrested after the bodies were found at his home. He pleads not guilty.

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