Iconize sends a letter through its lawyer

This afternoon a Afternoon Five it is back to talk about Iconize and of murky affair that sees him involved. Iconize, after being again denied from former friend Soleil Sorge, sent through her lawyer a letter accusing Soleil of being a star harming its public image with its constant defamations:

My client intends to communicate the following in reply to the very serious claims made by Soleil Sorge and Alberto De Pisis during the Afternoon Five broadcast. Sorge’s behavior is considered unpleasant thrown into the public square very personal facts and not corresponding to the truth. Iconize reiterates that it has experienced a abusive relationship the details of which are not fully known to Sorge despite the same flaunt knowledge of it. Iconize never forced the coming out of others. IS shameful ch my client has to prove his medical condition because of Sorge’s unfounded accusations, according to which Iconize would have faked a seizure, pathology of which he is really affected, as demonstrated by the medical records that we are willing to exhibit.

In letter, read in the living room of Afternoon Five, the accusation of racism is also referred to and Iconize’s will to bring to court the Sorge:

As for the groundless accusation of racism made by Concern and from De Pisis and that my client firmly rejects, my client reiterates that he is very tried by the incident, entrusting the writer with his own statements which he is asked to give public reading reserving, however, any action in the competent judicial offices against those who defamed him, even attributing to him facts that do not correspond to the truth and damaging his image by causing him considerable moral and economic damage

Afternoon Five: Soleil Stasi and Alberto De Pisis respond to Iconize’s letter

Soleil Stasi’s response to the words read a Afternoon Five:

[…] I don’t shy away from allegations I have made. […] I can read your words, okay, but now I think yes should really put a point to this story. For the umpteenth time he places a lawyer in front of him, trying to climbing mirrorswhen I think the only thing to do was to apologize.

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