Iconic look of Eau Rouge changed forever after demolition

When you drove up Eau Rouge/Raidillon as a Formula 1 driver, you always passed that one chalet that was still there. Grandstands were built and demolished around it, but the chalet always remained standing. See you this week. The demolition of the shelter heralds the start of several activities. The cornering combination is adjusted to increase safety there.

After several serious crashes in recent years, the most sad of which was the fatal accident of F2 driver Anthoine Hubert, the cornering combination is being tackled thoroughly. The layout of the track remains unchanged, but the run-off areas are widened. The walls were now so close to the track that in the event of a crash the car would often be thrown back onto the track, where the opponent would come out of a blind bend with dizzyingly high speeds and all the associated risks.



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