Iconic Bob Ross Painting “A Walk in the Woods” Hits the Market for $9.85 Million

Iconic Bob Ross Painting “A Walk in the Woods” Hits the Market for $9.85 Million

Bob Ross at his easel

A classic Bob Ross painting from his iconic television show now available for nearly $10 million. Four decades after his creation, an iconic work by the beloved Bob Ross is hitting the market, but it certainly won’t be cheap. The artwork in question is none other than Bob’s famous masterpiece titled “A Walk in the Woods,” originally designed for the first episode of his much-loved television series, “The Joy of Painting,” which introduced countless spectators his artistic skill.

Bob’s signature adorns this masterpiece, now listed for $9,850,000 on Modern Artifact. Potential buyers are encouraged to submit alternative offers if they wish, although given its historical significance the price is expected to reach this amount.

Ross meticulously painted “A Walk in the Woods” during a live broadcast in January 1983, beautifully condensing everything that endeared him to his audience while championing the cause of art.

Using deceptively simple brushwork, his favorite “wet-on-wet” technique, and, of course, his characteristic abundance of jovial miniature trees, the painting depicts a serene forest scene adorned with hues of gold and blue. Ross’s distinctive signature adorns the lower left corner, rendered in bright red.

Although viewers of his show witnessed Bob’s rapid completion of this intricate oil painting (his inaugural episode lasted just 28 minutes), this feat only highlights his true artistic prowess.

As history reminds us, Bob’s program began in 1983 with this same painting and continued until 1994, a year before his untimely death due to complications from cancer. Over the years, the series has racked up nearly 400 episodes on PBS, cementing his legacy alongside some of the greatest artists in history.

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With her enduring online presence and celebrity status long after her passing, there is no doubt that her first television work will find a buyer.

Bob Ross will live on in the hearts of many, and as long as we continue to share his sound judgment and calming voice, his legacy will remain timeless.

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