Iceland joins the NATO Battlegroup in Latvia

The NATO Expanded Battlegroup in Latvia continues to expand.

On Tuesday, the 11th country – Iceland – joined the group in a solemn ceremony. Iceland will be the least represented country in the Latvian battle group. It was joined on Tuesday by an Icelandic strategic communication expert. His main task is to promote the information security of Latvia and the entire eastern border of the European Union in the coming year.

“He deals directly with issues of disinformation, issues of how to fight propaganda, misinformation. And that is exactly what we are facing more and more because of the Covid-19 crisis. And, of course, we are the border between the European Union and NATO. We are facing many things first, we are a litmus test for the many challenges facing other countries, ”explains Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (AP).

Strategic communication experts from Iceland have also joined NATO’s expanded presence battlegroups in Lithuania and Estonia. Even if the number of Icelanders in the Baltics is small, this is seen as a symbolically important gesture of solidarity between the Allies.


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