Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | GLASSARY FROM TAMPER: Paste as a cure for the troubled team and its soul

He got out of the organizers’ car, held a bichi in his hand, and immediately smiled. He was enthusiastically welcomed by teammates Hertl, Smejkal, Sklenička and benjamínek Blümel. And when they saw David Pastrňák by the Austrian hockey players, who were warming up for their sword against Norway, they just stared admiringly. And you wondered how it could have been different on Tuesday if they’d peeked at him on the ice with almost bated breath.

The hockey team already has Pastrňák under its wings.

But this time he arrived not only as an hockey ace, the best Czech hockey player and dude for five years in a row, whose fame is almost touching the stars, but also as a healer. The national team is sick not only on the ice, where it has to recharge its batteries in Thursday’s match with the renewed cooperation with David Krejčí, but it also received an intervention in its internal chemistry.

The squad between Dominik Simon and Filip Hronek visibly decided the team, which crystallized with an explosion against Austria. “It wasn’t the best situation for the team. But we’re here to play hockey. That’s what we should stick to,” said coach Kari Jalonen.

But the “karim” paste could now give the team a twist.

No, Pastrňák is not the type of fighter who would bang on a wall in a cabin and impose strict rules, but his immediacy, smile, and even “naive” childish joy and taste in the game could be the medicine the broken team now needs to heal. “My participation here also has a second dimension. I want to finally experience some success. I would like to please myself and Czech fans. After four years, it is an honor to wear the most valuable jersey that will always make a smile on my face,” he said.

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The sun and the sun above the city heal.

Robert Sarah

A graduate of Masaryk University (history – journalism) has been involved in sports journalism since 1999. He focuses mainly on hockey, as a reporter he has participated in a number of world championships, motorsports and sports policy. He worked at MF DNES for more than 20 years, in 2021 he joined

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