Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – Switzerland – France 5: 2

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The Swiss hockey players fulfilled their favorite role when they defeated France 5: 2 in Sunday’s A-group World Championship match in Finland. After the first period, they lost 0: 2, but from the second they dominated on the ice and confirmed their dominance with goals. Even after the sixth match, they are 100% and as the only team they have not lost a point in the tournament yet.

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The leaders of the “Slovak” group in Helsinki will close their performance in the first phase of the championship with a direct battle for 1st place in the A-group, which will be a match with Germany on Tuesday at 11.20 CET. The French will say goodbye to the tournament on the same day that they play against Canada at 7.20pm.

A-Group (Helsinki):

Switzerland – France 5: 2 (0: 2, 3: 0, 2: 0)

Goals: 21st Hischier (Meier, Kukan), 33rd Riat (Geisser, Hischier), 36th Ambühl (Corvi, Kukan), 52nd Kukan (Herzog, Corvi), 60th Hischier (Ambühl) – 5th Texier, 14th Claireaux (Texier, T. Bozon).

They decided: Ingram, Lawrence (obaja Kan.) – Kroyer (Denmark), Merten (Nem.), exclusion: 3:7 na 2 min, power cords: 1:0, weakening: 0:0, 3997 spectators.


Switzerland: Berra – Kukan, Siegenthaler, Fora, Moser, Glauser, Geisser, Egli – Riat, Hischier, Meier – Simion, Malgin, Suter – Ambühl, Corvi, Herzog – Bertschy, Kurashev, Scherwey – Miranda

France: Ylönen – Gallet, Auvitu, Llorca, Chakiachvili, Thiry, Crinon, Guebey – Texier, Claireaux, T. Bozon – Rech, Boudon, Treille – Bertrand, Ritz, Perret – Fabre, Colotti, K. Bozon – Leclerc

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The Swiss started the match the day after the winning match with Canada (6: 3), which seems to have signed on their lukewarm entry into the duel. In the opening period, the French were more dangerous, Rech shot a shot in the first minute and Corvi’s big mistake in the pass was immediately penalized by Texier – 0: 1. Rech didn’t take another promising chance in the 11th minute, but Claireaux adjusted the renumbering to 2: 0 for France. Shortly afterwards, the French goal was not added by Texier, who failed in a penalty shot.

After the first break, the picture of the game changed dramatically. The Swiss got the game under control. A quick goal helped Hischier to make Meier’s pass 1 – 2 after 25 seconds. After two French fouls in short succession, the Swiss got to a power play of five against three, in which they did not score, but already during the game of five against five Riat ran a Geisser shot – 2: 2. They already had a power play in the 36th minute, when the recorder overshot Ylönen in the number of matches at MS Ambühl – 3: 2.

Even in the third period, the Swiss had their actions under control and did not allow the opponent much. They got into the game well, avoided mistakes and in the 52nd minute Kukan added a goal fuse, who took advantage of the hidden view of the French goalkeeper – 4: 2. Hischier scored the goal in the empty net – 5: 2.

Votes (source: IIHF):

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Philipp Kurashev, Swiss striker: “At the beginning of the match we were not set up as we should have been. The French were very fast for us at first, but we have concentrated correctly since the second period. Our thinking is set clearly – we want to win every match and we don’t care who is against Before the quarterfinals, we want to play a match in which we tune in to an important duel. ”

Hugo Gallet, defender of France: “From the second period we stopped toying, we started to back up and stand too much. It was a mistake. The Swiss defeated us at their speed. We led 2: 0 and we probably didn’t expect it to be so difficult in the second and third period.”

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