Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – Slovakia Denmark – lineup

today 09:07

Slovak hockey players will be waiting for the match to advance to the quarterfinals against Denmark from 15.20. After the morning skating, which included eleven players and two goalkeepers, the coaches confirmed the line-up for the duel for everything.

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Patrik Rybár is still injured and Adam Húska will stand between the three poles five times, Matej Tomek will cover his back again.

Formations, whether defensive or offensive, remain unchanged, the Slovaks will play, as against Italy, eight defenders and twelve attackers. The attackers Jakub Minárik, who will not be injured until the match, and Kristián Pospíšil, who are not given a chance by the coaches from the first third of the match in Kazakhstan, in which he fouled twice, will remain in the stands.

In the first defense we will see the defender of the Washington Capitals Martina Fehérváryho alongside the experienced Petr Čerešňák. The second will be next to the 18-year-old Simon the German Liberca player Michal Ivan. We will see the third pair in the form Adam Jánošík a Mário Grman and in the fourth defense they will perform Mislav Rosandič s Daniel Gachulincom.

He has an elite attack at the center Michal Krištofwhose wings are NHL players Tomas Tatar and also 18 years old Juraj Slafkovský. In the second, he will go to throw-ins Milos Romanthey will fight with him Pavol Regenda a Samuel Takáč.

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The third formation will be with Robert Lantosim, Alex Tamas a Adam Lišk. He has the last attack in his midst Andrej Kollár17 years old Adam Sýkoru a Mária Luntera.

Squad to Denmark:

Húska (Tomek)

Fehérváry – Cherry

Ivan – German

Janosik – Grman

Rosandič – Gachulinec

Slafkovský – Tatar – Krištof

Takac – Roman – Regenda

Lantoši – Tamáši – Liška

Sýkora – Kollár – Lunter

The Danes just finished the fight with Canada last night, which they sensationally won 3: 2. “It simply came to our notice then. Canada entered it a bit lukewarm, in the fifth minute it could be 3: 0. The Danes did not put in an empty goal, they had one run and only then they scored the first goal. They played what we expected. The good defend and go on dangerous counterattacks. “ said the coach’s assistant Andrej Podkonický after the training.

What does it mean for them that the Danes surprised their favorites? “We are going to win it, and we have to keep that in mind. That they defeated Canada cannot affect us. “

However, this affected the situation in the table, if the Slovaks want to advance, they have to win for three points. If they want to be confident of progress right after the match and not wait for Canada to beat France, they must win by three goals. Do they solve it in the cabin?

“Not really. We’re going to win. I don’t think Canada will lose three times in a row at these championships. They will enter the match differently. But we have to focus on ourselves, ” Podkonický commented on Canada, which also lost to Switzerland before the Danes.

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Could it be an advantage that the Danes finished the match late in the evening and another one awaits them the next day? “The longer the match lasts, the more we could have. We have a younger team and we have to play our fast hockey, get them under pressure and not lose their pucks.

They are defending well, and Canada has not allowed much. It is a pity that Canada did not settle and did not go into overtime, it would be even more advantageous. But we can’t see if anyone is tired, but at each other. “

The Slovaks will also have to deal with a specific defense. “They play personal defense, it’s very difficult to get through them. We have to be patient and play straight into the goal. You may score an ugly goal, but it won’t be easy. We have to watch out for the losses of the pucks and their counterattacks, which happened to Canada. ” Podkonický explained in conclusion.

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