Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – Juraj Slafkovský and Montreal? Lintner: Maybe not

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Will Juraj Slafkovský be an NHL draft pick? Performing at MS 2022 definitely did not hurt the forecasts.

He defeated God. The Olympics were not a shot in the dark

In February, with a basket on his helmet, he shone at the Olympics, scoring seven goals. “The hockey god will not allow such a young player to do such a thing twice. If Slafkovský scores more than one goal at the World Cup, he will defeat the hockey god, ” spoke 2002 world champion Richard Lintner after Slovakia’s fourth appearance at the tournament.

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The eighteen-year-old striker recorded 2 + 4 in the next matches, a total of 3 + 6. “Juraj grew incredibly and confirmed that the Olympics were not a shot in the dark. He was one of our best players at the World Cup, if not the best. At a young age, he had the role of one of the leaders and really drew the team, “he said after Thursday. loses in the quarterfinals against Finland another owner of gold from Gothenburg Vladimir Orszag.

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Losing hates almost more than he loves winning

Slafkovsky’s performance at the championship graduated and the whole team grew with him. “A very strong tournament and especially it was his second after the Olympics. He maintained his performance, which is the most difficult thing for a young player, “he said in the studio RTVS Boris Valábik.

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He especially highlighted the mental strength and the reaction of the teenager to a slower start to the World Cup: “The beginning was embarrassing, he took a lot on his shoulders. He settled in the middle of the tournament and started playing hockey. You don’t normally see that in an 18-year-old boy. When I started the season badly at that age, I didn’t get over it. ”

After losing the battle for the semifinals, Slafkovský appeared in front of the cameras and did not hide his disappointment. “He loves hockey. It was obvious how angry he was, “said Stanley Cup winner Marián Gáborík. “That’s good. You want to see a player who hates playing almost more than he loves to win, “added Valábik.

They’ll push him in New Jersey

Gáborík called the TPS Turku striker the best Slovak in the tournament: “He was under a lot of pressure from fans, experts or himself. He dealt with it brutally. I repeat, if Montreal had chosen him from the first place, he would have done just fine. He’s used to such pressure and a big hockey city like Montreal. ”

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“I can’t imagine Montreal not taking him first. What more do they want? ”Valábik asked. Lintner rejoined the debate: “I wish it hadn’t happened to him. There will be a much better space for Slafkovsky in New Jersey. They will “sniff” him, wait for him, give him all the time and much more patience.

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Montreal, wow, that’s right. It’s all the easier to have a crucial first year to work in the NHL. ”

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Jersey may be better, but Montreal can handle it

Clubs choose players, not the other way around, and the Canadians, according to Gáborík, would make a mistake if they overlooked Slafkovsky in favor of Shan Wright’s Canadian center: “Juraj should choose Montreal, and if he chooses it, he can do it. Jersey might have been better for him, but Montreal wouldn’t have made a good choice if he hadn’t chosen Slafkovsky. ”

Valábik agrees: “It would be a challenge in Montreal, but if he applies there, he will have a red carpet throughout the NHL. He has the head to succeed in Montreal. ”

Slafkovský has the potential to beat the highest drafted Slovak so far. He is Gáborík, whom Minnesota chose from third place in 2000.

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