Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – hockey today Slovakia – Tomáš Tatar has a recipe for Finns

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Slovak hockey players moved from Helsinki to Tampere on Wednesday afternoon.

In the venue, the World Cup quarterfinals did not train against the home Finns, they will not get acquainted with the ice until Thursday on the day of the match at the morning skating. There is a good atmosphere in the cabin of the Slovaks after Tuesday’s match with Denmark, in which the Slovak hockey players won their participation in the knockout.

“Our results improved during the tournament. We have already made few, if any, mistakes in the match with Italy. It started to fall apart. The Finns in the tournament give the opponents a minimum chance, for us it is the strongest opponent. It will be a challenging match. We want to focus on ourselves, on what we do well and repeat it over and over again. “ said the team captain for TASR Tomas Tatar.

The Finns trained just before the arrival of the Slovak players. “I think they do a perfect job in the defense and middle zone. So one of the main things will be to send the puck deep into the zone and fight. Just as they give opportunities to opponents, so must we. I don’t think many goals will be scored in this match. We will have to be patient. ” Tatar said.

The team leader will have a preface in the cabin before the match: “I will say some things we should do. It’s not just about me, there is Jánošík, Čerešňák, Fehérváry, everyone who sees something will say so. This is what a good team looks like. “

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Tatar’s teammate Juraj Slafkovský was only in the world for one month when the Slovaks last beat the Finns at the top tournament. It happened at the World Championships in Ostrava in 2004, when they won 5: 2.

“I do not look to the past. They told me how long we didn’t beat the Czechs and ten years ago we beat them in the semifinals. So each match is specific and each one breaks in a different activity. It will be up to us. But the Finns are favorites, they have an excellent team. We have to depersonalize ourselves and play our things minute by minute, ” declared the captain of the Slovaks.

The new Nokia Arena will be full for Thursday’s match, Slovak hockey players will have to compete not only with their advanced opponent but also with his massive support from the stands. “I was on the ice, the hall looks beautiful. It’s hard to compare with halls in America, but it’s more about what scenery is created. I believe that it will be perfect as it was at our World Championships in Košice. I’m looking forward to it, it motivates me and I enjoy matches like that, “ added for TASR Tatar.

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