Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – hockey today Germany – Italy 9: 4

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The German hockey players clearly won 9: 4 in Friday’s match of the “Slovak” A-group World Championship over Italy. They laid the foundation for a sovereign triumph in the Helsinki Ice Hall in the first period, which they won 4: 0.

After the initial loss to the Canadians (3: 5), the Germans recorded their fourth win in a row and with 12 points they reached the leading duo Canada – Switzerland in the table. They will play the next match on Sunday when they play against Kazakhstan (15.20 CEST). The Italians, who still have 7th place with one point, will meet Slovakia on Saturday at 7.20 pm.

A-group (Helsinki):

Germany – Italy 9: 4 (4: 0, 2: 1, 3: 3)

Goals: 6. Karachun (J. Müller, Loibl), 7. Wissmann (Kastner), 14. Ehliz (Bittner, Michaelis), 18. Fischbuch (Wissmann, Reichel), 26. Reichel (Noebels, Michaelis), 35. Fischbuch (Reichel , Wissmann), 42. Ehliz (Michaelis, Schmölz), 43. Karachun (Schmölz, Loibl), 58. Soramies (Wissmann, Kastner) – 26. Traversa (Miglioranzi, Pietroniro), 48. Frigo (Petan), 50. Mantenuto (S. Kostner, Trivellato), 60. Petan (Hannoun, Glira)

Judges: Ansons (LVA), Öhlund (Sweden) – Beresford (Great Britain), Yletyinen (Sweden), disqualification: 2: 4 for 2 min., Power-ups: 1: 1, weakening: 0: 0, 3311 spectators


Germany: Niederberger – Seider, M. Müller, Gawanke, J. Müller, Wissmann, Wagner, Bittner – Plachta, Michaelis, Ehliz – Fischbuch, Reichel, Noebels – Karachun, Loibl, Schmölz – Ehl, Kastner, Soramies

Italy: Fadani (14. Fazio) – by Perna, Trivellato, Pietroniro, Miglioranzi, Gios, Glira, Spornberger – S. Kostner, D. Kostner, Sanna – McNally, Mantenuto, Frank – Petan, Hannoun, Frigo – Deluca, Traversa, Insam – Mantinger

From the beginning, the Germans confirmed their role as favorites. In addition to skating superiority, they also showed high shooting efficiency, when scoring from the first two shots on goal, Karachun and Wissmann prevailed. In the 14th minute, Ehliz increased the lead to 3: 0, who beat Bittner and drove Fadani out of the Italian goal. He didn’t have his day, he got three goals out of four shots. He was replaced by Fazio, who collected once by the end of the third, when he overcame him with a shot at the Fischbuch knocker.

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The favorite then didn’t go anywhere, but he still dominated and managed to increase his lead. Only at 5: 0 allowed the opponent to measure the score thanks to the successful run of Travers. The Italians failed to effectively curb the German attacks, at the beginning of the third part Ehliz and Karachun increased their goals in the match to 8: 1. In the end, the players in black jerseys relaxed and allowed the “azure” three-precision hits to correct the result.

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Votes after the match (source: IIHF):

Moritz Seider, defender of Germany: “I am very happy, but it was a mandatory victory for us. I think that was a clear matter from the beginning. From the beginning, we ran out on the opponent, scored fast goals and arranged the match. ”

Alex Petan, forward Italy (1 + 1): “The match quickly escaped our control. But we managed to recover, we fought for each other and tried to represent the national colors with dignity. Although they lose, several debuting players have scored their first goals at the World Cup, which will help them boost their confidence a bit. ”

Do you want a hockey stick? Win stone, paper, scissors:

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