Ice hockey: the LHC still defeated in its lair

You should not despair of Friborg-Gottéron! Victorious 6-5 in the Biel shootout after a crazy game, the formation of Christian Dubé finally switches to the right side of the bar in the National League.

Three days after its 6-4 success in Lausanne, Friborg picked up a priceless victory in Seeland. He owes it to an unlikely turnaround and to Julien Sprunger’s class in the penalty spot. Led 4-3 after having managed a dream start – the score was 3-0 in their favor in the 15th – the Freiburg scored two goals in the space of nine seconds in the 48th, by Sandro Schmid in superiority digital and by Tristan Vauclair, to regain control. The equalization of Kevin Fey – his first goal of the season – should, however, force the Freiburgers to give again a blow to the collar to win.

Author of two goals in the shootout, Julien Sprunger finally gave victory to his colors. With the captain, the merits of Reto Berra should be noted. Despite the five goals conceded, the goalkeeper delivered a performance of choice as the opposing domination was at times overwhelming.

This match in Biel sums up the team’s season well. She wins while everything seemed lost to justify finally, like the Swede Daniel Brodin author of a double after his quadruple from Lausanne, the immense expectations that it can raise.

The Freiburgers took advantage of the sinking of Langnau in Rapperswil to grab eighth place in the classification. On the St. Welsh ice, the Bern squad were beaten 7-3 after being led 3-0 after only 5’20 “of play. Where how to scuttle themselves in record time against the” red lantern “.

The evening was very gloomy for the Lake Geneva clubs. In Zug, in the fiefdom of an officially play-off leader, Lausanne HC lost 3-0 on the successes of Sven Leuenberger, Gregory Hofmann, author of their 20th goal of the season, and Jérôme Bachofner. The match could however have married another scenario if Leonardo Genoni, who celebrated his fourth shutout of the season, had not been saved by his post in the 5th minute on a sending by Philip Holm.

In Davos, Genève-Servette was beaten 2-1 in an encounter that could have turned in their favor despite the four Grisons shots that crashed on the uprights. Deniss Smirnovs’ goal falling 4’42 “from the siren may have come a little late to really challenge the Grison success.

The bet Serge Pelletier proved to be a winner for Lugano. At the Resega, the Luganese have undoubtedly taken a decisive step towards the final series thanks to their success 5-1 before Ambri. Even if the score is too wide since Ambri’s response was of high quality for a long time, this victory was not disputed. It rewarded the most disciplined and combative team.

That of Hans Kossmann is not yet. On its ice, Berne lost 4-3 in overtime to the Zurich Lions on a success of Pius Suter. The defending champion had led 2-0 then 3-1, before losing control of the game. After this further defeat, the possibility that CP Berne will remain at the quay after the regular season is growing. The arrival of Zug on Friday and a trip to Biel on Saturday could seal the disastrous fate of the Bears…

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