Ice Hockey: Magnus League – Magnus League: Matchday 8: Rouen vs Gap – Dragons fall on the head.

Ice hockey – Magnus League: 8th day: Rouen vs Gap
4 3
(0-1 3-0 1-2)
On 04/10/2022
Rouen – The Lacoix
[ Rouen ] [ Gap  ]
Dragons drop the leader. This top match against the raptors of Gap, leader of the magnus and unbeaten championship, will take place in a copiously stocked skating rink. If raptors are in a winning dynamic, dragons alternate between hot and cold. A Norman victory is almost essential in order not to see the mountaineers distance themselves in the standings. If Gap is deprived of Joubert for this meeting, Rouen is still deprived of Pintaric, Nesa and Mallet.
Rouen – The Lacoix, hockey weekly

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3206 spectators
Referees : MM. Rauline and Ernecq assisted by MM. Douchy and Simone
But :
Rouen: ; 20.37 Christophe Boivin (it’s Franois Beauchemin and Tommy Perret); 27.59 Ondrej Roman (is Loc Lamperier); 36.29 Loc Lamperier (is Rolands Vigners and Kelsey Tessier); 57.15 Kelsey Tessier (is Rolands Vigners and Dylan Yeo)
Split: 17.51 ​​Axel Tarabusi (is Loc Coulaud and Valtteri Meisaari); 40.22 Julien Correia (it’s Chad Langlais and Bostjan Golicic); 43.54 Yegor Gainetdinov (is Olegs Sislannikovs and Chad Langlais)
8 minutes against Rouen
6 minutes against Gap

Gap ahead in the first round.

Gap at the beginning of the game wants to show that his position as leader is not usurped and they are the first in action with a shot from Golicic that Caubet blocks (00.27). The tone is decisive, the pressing of the guests hinders the dragons who are struggling to get into the game well.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 8
Photographer: Stphane Heude

It takes three turns of the clock for the Tessier-Vigners duo to force Junca to work (02.57). From that moment on, the match will increase in intensity, the two teams compete against each other blow by blow. Gap, twice, will benefit from a numerical advantage that will put the Norman defense in crisis without conceding a goal.
The liveliness of Gapençaise raises many concerns and Caubet often has to face Thillet (16.30), but he closes the door. He will have much less luck a few moments later.
On a defensive error by Rouen (bad pass and bad control) following a great pressing by Gap, the puck arrives at Tarabusi who does not ask himself, his shot seems taken by Caubet’s glove, but the puck goes deep into the networks (17.51 ​​/ 0-1 / Tarabusi ass. Coulaud L. and Meisaari).

Rouen tries to react in the last seconds but Junca rejects Tessier’s attempt with football (19.30).

A third or once again Rouen will have alternated good and bad and in front of a good Gap team, the punishment is more logical. There are still two thirds left to correct the errors.

Rouen puts in the turbo.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 8
Photographer: Stphane Heude

Back on the ice, Rouen has much better intentions and draws quickly.
Perret tears on the left corner, gives Beauchemin on the first post that misses, which has the effect of interrupting Junca and Boivin at the far post recovers the puck to push it into a wide open cage (20.37 / 1-1 / Boivin Beauchemin and Perret).

With a power play Gap it will be dangerous but Rouen does not break.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 8
Photographer: Stphane Heude

After the storm, Rouen recovers and takes advantage of an error in relaunching the birds of prey, Lamperier on the lookout scratches the disc then serves Roman alone in the slot, who hastens to punish Junca (27.59 / 2- 1 / Novel ass. Lamperier).

Dissatisfied, Coach Blais takes a break to reorganize his troops. Beneficial stop as visitors take possession of the disc and put Caubet to the test. But neither Sislannikovs (29.21), nor Gutierrez (31.17), nor Thillet (33.35) deceive the vigilance of the Norman goalkeeper. Junca will also be at work against him with a magnificent glove on a sudden shot by Boivin (36.29).
Unfortunately he was unable to do anything ten seconds later on a collective move from the Tessier-Vigners-Lamperier line, the latter recovering a disc that dragged itself into the slot (36.29 / 3-1 / Lamperier ass Vigners and Tessier).

Rouen in twenty minutes will have set the record straight with a much more successful third without the opponents lowering the flag.

Dragons frighten each other.

If the dragons only take 37 seconds in the second third to score, it will only take 22 seconds for the raptors to come back into play.
Golicic tears up to scratch the puck and serves Langlais in the middle, his shot is rejected by Caubet in Correia’s kick that pushes the puck behind the line (40.22 / 3-2 / Correia ass. Langlais and Golicic).
Gap does not give up and with perseverance equalizes. Sislannikovs grabs the puck in the neutral zone, gives Gainetdinov that as soon as the blue cross fires a big shot that deceives Caubet (43.54 / 3-3 / Gainetdinov ass. Sislannikovs).

Suddenly Rouen is activated in no way defeated. It is Bedin who initially overflows to the left and serves Guimond mounted on the outposts but Junca has the last word (47.32). Then it is Perret who runs alone but is stopped irregularly at the shot.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 8
Photographer: Stphane Heude

The referee body awards a penalty shot which Boivin will try to convert but Junca disagrees and wins (49.34). On this action the young Perret will come out injured. Time is running out and everyone thinks we will go straight to extra time.
Not all Tessier who will take his rebound after a good wrist shot to send the puck out of Junca’s reach (57.15 / 4-3 / Tessier ass. Vigners).

From then on Gap rushed into Caubet’s cage who worked hard not to suffer a draw. Despite the release of Junca to have a surplus it will not help.

Rouen got a valuable victory against a very high quality opponent. Once again Rouen will have alternated high and low but only the victory counts and this is good. It remains to be confirmed this Friday with a trip to the Chamonix pioneers.

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