Ice hockey: Magnus League – Magnus League: 10th day: Grenoble vs Amiens – Grenoble plays against Amiens

Grenoble immediately puts pressure on Bodin’s cage with Champagne struggling well to win the salary. Aurélien Dair recovers the puck and makes a powerful shot that Bodin manages to block (0’52).

The young French goalkeeper of the Gothics who is playing his first game at Magnus as a starter will have a lot to do if Amiens wants to hope for a result. Bodin manages to keep his team in the game after two penalties against Sabatier and then Bouchard. Bodin pulls out a first big stop in front of Fabre, the strong man of this start of the season in Grenoble (8’30).

However, Amiens spends his time in defense and only manages to make a dangerous shot after twelve minutes of play by Desbiens… It is a state of the art defensive attack that we are witnessing.

Grenoble pushes but fails to make a difference. A penalty against Fertin interrupted Grenoble’s momentum. It is finally on this phase of the game in inferiority that Grenoble will open the scoring. Damien Fleury pushes Florian Sabatier to make a mistake and manages to retrieve the puck behind Bodin’s cage. Fabre is needed who has the task of concluding (13’47 1-0).

The 1-0 score at the end of the first third is well rewarded for Amiens who dominated the Grenoble match.

Commitments: 13/5 Grenoble
Shooting: 14/6 Grenoble

photo: Jean-Christophe Salom

The second third will be one-way with Fleury’s goal deflecting a pass from Fabre (21’15 2-0). The two Frenchmen are on fire tonight and immediately score the third goal with yet another goal from Fleury and an assist from Fabre (24’56 3-0). This goal puts an end to the suspense on this part. There will only be the size of the score to adjust in the second half of this game.

A.Dair throws himself on a record and gives Treille the chance to show up in a duel against Bodin. The latter won this time (28 ‘).

In the last six minutes of the second third, Amiens will explode and concede three goals in quick succession. He was the first Deschamps to go there with his wrist goal from Bodin’s side net (34 ‘4-0).

Eighteen seconds later, Koudri on Lamarche’s service scores his goal (35’09 5-0).

Amiens coach Anthony Mortas takes his time to reorganize his troops who take the water defensively and offer nothing offensively, leaving Garnier to have a more than peaceful evening.

In the last minute of the second third, Nehring will further increase the score (39’13 6-0).

Commitments: 19/8 Amiens
Shooting: 19/6 Grenoble

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 10
photo: Jean-Christophe Salom

The difference in height between the two teams tonight is too great. It is a one-way game, which mainly takes place in front of Bodin’s door. For a first assignment in Magnus, he will have had a lot of work and he has done a good part anyway …

Champagne serves from the bottom of the cage Aubin who is right in the middle, does not miss the opportunity to score the seventh goal of his team (41’01 7-0).

Fabre will score the eighth goal after a battle to recover the puck that drags itself in front of Bodin’s goal conquered and quickly transformed (44’41 8-0).

Sacha Treille will further increase the score on a powerful shot by the blue in power play, a goal that could have been avoided by Bodin even if the young Amiens goalkeeper probably begins to tire of being constantly called into question in this match. (50’17 9-0).

Commitments: 10/6 Grenoble
Shots: 9/4 Grenoble

Clear and clear victory for Grenoble against a relatively weak Amiens team. Bodin played his game but was not helped by his teammates who took the water in the second half. Amiens had a lot of trouble getting the puck out in his backcourt and weighed very little on offense. In the Grenoble cage, Garnier spent an evening on a sofa and released a logical closure. It will be necessary to offer more from the side of the Goths to hope to take part in the playoffs.

Grenoble continues his perfect streak in Magnus with four wins in as many games. In this game, no suspense. The duo Fabre Fleury will have talked about their talent to boost Grenoble. The other strikers then continue (Deschamps, KoudrI, Nehring, Aubin and Treille will have scored a goal). It is a perfect evening even if there have been no adversities.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 10
photo: Jean-Christophe Salom

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