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In short

Biel – Lausanne 4-5 tab (2-0 2-3 0-1)

Tissot Arena, 6,102 spectators.

goals: 8th Künzle (Salmela, Brunner / 5v4) 1-0, 19th Fuchs (Rajala) 2-0, 26th Almond 2-1, 28th Jooris (Bertschy) 2-2, 30th Künzle (Brunner, Cunti) 3-2, 30th Bertschy (Jeffrey, Almond) 3-3, 33rd Künzle (Ullström / 5v4) 4-3, 42nd Lindbohm (Vermin) 4-4.

Penalty shootouts: Schneider -, Herren 0-1, Rathgeb -, Bertschy 0-2, Künzle 1-2, Moy -, Rajala -, Almond -, Brunner -.

Biel: Paupe; Salmela, Fey; Rathgeb, Forster; Kreis, Moser; Sataric; Fuchs, Ullström, Rajala; Brunner, Cunti, Künzle; Riat, Gustafsson, Schneider; Tschantré, Neuenschwander, Tanner; Kohler. Coach: Törmänen.

Lausanne: Boltshauser (33rd Stephan); Heldner, Grossmann; Lindbohm, Frick; Nodari, Genazzi; Oejdemark; Bertschy, Jooris, Kenins; Moy, Emmerton, Vermin; Almond, Jeffrey, Herren; Roberts, Froidevaux, Leone. Coach Peltonen.

penalties: 3×2 ’against Biel; 3×2 ’+ 1×10’ (32nd Oejdemark) against Lausanne.

Notes: Biel without Lüthi, Ulmer, Hügli and Pouliot (injured). Lausanne without Antonietti (injured), Traber (suspended) or Junland (healthy scratch). Post Shots: 14th Rajala, 20th Avg. Vermin’s 22nd goal is denied due to Emmerton’s foul on the goalkeeper.

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