Ice hockey: Division 2 – Division 2 – The Predictions of the D2 – 3rd day

Many ” new ” teams for this 3rd day, especially in the hen of the north. By that we mean teams that will play their first league meeting, or even official, since they have not even made a Coupe de France match. But nothing tells us that this has not been postponed because of postponement as it is already officially announced for the posters:

Wasquehal-Lille VS Evry-Viry
Paris (FV) VS Meudon
Amnéville VS Rouen II
Courbevoie VS Angers II
Toulouse-Blagnac VS Valence

We are therefore embarking on uninsured trends because it is quite difficult, and for lack of a reliable classification, to still have a very precise idea of ​​the values ​​involved. However, we are starting to have a little more perspective for the southern hen. Not surprising in itself since this is where we had the least postponement.

Group A:

Valenciennes 52% – 48% Reims:

If of the 2 teams only the Phoenix have started the championship, they have nevertheless already met during the CdF. And it was the Reims who won home at the end of a 3rd prolific period. It is therefore very likely that the Valenciennes will be keen, in front of their supporters, to take revenge. Let us grant them our favors but they will have an interest in knowing how to play and defend until the end if they do not want to know even mishap; all the more so as Reims was able to hold its own against the Comêtes de Meudon last week, a team which is one of the top names in the division. .

Group B:

Poitiers 49% – 51% Colmar:

We will not lie to each other, the 2 teams started this championship in pain and a priori none of the 2 seem to be able to claim to play the leading roles. However, the Titans have a little more experience than the promoted ones and if they only played one game in Annecy, they were able to do better. In fact, we do not hesitate to give them a little more credit.

Vaujany 48% – 52% Roanne :

The good performance of the Renards against Villard in the Coupe de France and the river score inflicted on Poitiers in the league would encourage us to place them wide favorite against the young Grizzlys. But the good performance of the latter in Valence and the terrible defeat of the Loire against Morzine urges us to more restraint. Nevertheless, even if we tighten our odds, we persist in giving a priori more favorable to Roanne

Morzine-Avoriaz 56% – 44% Villard de Lans :

Even if the Bears started the championship very well with 2 good victories, one of which was away from the Ibex; on the other hand, they lost heavily in the Coupe de France against Roanne. Now the Penguins, who make no secret of their ambitions, only played one day of the championship but against Roanne on the banks of the Loire. However, they have largely imposed themselves. We can therefore presage a hard confrontation for the villardians. If the meeting promises to be spectacular, they will have to be at their maximum to have a chance to emerge victorious.

Annecy 51% – 49% Courchevel Méribel Pralognan :

Only one match each in the league which ends in a victory for the Knights and a defeat for the Ibex. But that is not enough to establish a well-established hierarchy and we are content, for this meeting which promises to be balanced, to give our favors to the home team.


In prospect of a more complicated schedule due to lack of 3th meudon day and Angers will not be unemployed. The latter will play the match counting for the. . . 17th day! These days, it’s best to get ahead.

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