Ice Cream in China Doesn’t Melt Even When Burned, Public Concerns

BEIJING, – A company it crimea premium the China garnered controversy on social media because the product did not melt even when stored at high temperatures for a long period of time.

The premium ice cream company is named Zhongxuegao and is known for its high quality products.

Reported Oddity CentralZhongxuegao became the talk of the social media after someone posted photos and videos of Zhongxuegao ice cream next to a thermometer showing a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.

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In the post, the uploader claimed that the ice cream had been kept at that temperature for about an hour and a half, but had not melted at all.

The post garnered a lot of attention and prompted others to do their own experiments.

One of them even burned the ice cream with a match and the result was that the ice cream didn’t melt.

On July 5th, Zhongxuegao was again the talk of China’s social media, when a video emerged of someone using a gas torch portable to melt the ice cream.

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Even though the outside was charred, the ice cream didn’t melt.

When the quality of the ice cream was even more questionable, Zhongxuegao finally issued a statement.

The company claims that it uses a thickener to prevent the ice cream from melting easily.

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