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Original Title: History of Ice and Snow Characters: Alpine Skiing Masters Set N Records in 18 Years

Kjétier-Amote was born on September 2, 1971 in Oslo, Norway. Amote is a hard-core fan. Norwegian team Barenga and Premier League Liverpool are his favorites. When he was a child, Amote didn’t like skiing, playing football was his favorite. Later, with his father’s encouragement, he walked onto the snow field.

He was admitted to the hospital because of mononucleosis. His condition was so severe that he could only rely on infusion to sustain his life, and his weight lost 11 kg. What is admirable is that he returned to the training ground two months later. Six weeks later, in Albertville, France, he won the first skiing gold medal for Norway in 40 years in the super-giant slalom. Also won the bronze medal in the Giant Slalom event.

In 1994, he won the silver medal in the downhill event at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics in Norway, and also won the bronze medal in the super-giant slalom event.

In 1998, Amote participated in the Winter Olympics for the third time, and his best result was fifth place. At this time, many people believe that his competitive career has begun to decline. Despite this, Omot still relied on his tenacious will to continue pursuing his dream.

In the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the 30-year-old Amote participated in all five events for men’s alpine skiing, all breaking into the top eight. Amote won two gold medals in the combination of Super Giant Slalom and Alpine. In Norwegian history, he was the first skier to win seven medals in his sports career.

In 2006, Amote was 35 years old. This year, he had to give up the all-around competition at the Torino Winter Olympics due to physical fitness and injuries. I haven’t known the taste of a world championship for several years. During this period, I had a long break because of a broken ankle. However, Amote defeated all the players and became the oldest Olympic champion in the history of alpine skiing!

In 2006, he also set a very emotional record: from the 8990 season to the 0506 season, his total points in the World Cup reached 13,252 points. This is 231 times into the top ten, 64 times into the top three, slow Slowly accumulated records!

Amote participated in the five Winter Olympics in total and received four golds, two silvers and two bronzes, and a total of eight medals. And this record is unmatched in alpine skiing. In addition to his outstanding performance in the Winter Olympics, he also gained a lot on the stage of the World Championships. From 1991 to 2003, he won four silvers and three bronzes for hardware, a total of 12 medals. In addition, in the World Cup, Amote participated in more than 140 races and has champions in all five alpine skiing events. There are only five male players with this achievement.

Amote announced his retirement in early 2007 and entered the International Ski Athletics Hall of Fame in 2015.

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