Ibra’s renewal can trigger the domino effect on Gigio

The one between Milan and Mino Raiola is a real challenge of nerves and money. And the objects of the dispute are not trivial names given that they are Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gigio Donnarumma. But if for the goal of the goalkeeper renewal we will go to after the closing of the market, it is on the permanence of the Swede that the main game of this phase of the market is being played. Pioli would like him at Milanello from next Monday, or from the day in which the preparatory buffers for the resumption of training are expected. But the requests of the Swede and Raiola, which jumped to 7 million net, made the chairs and tables of the offices on the fourth floor of Casa Milan tremble.

WHAT’S IN DANCE – From the success or failure of this difficult negotiation, which seemed to be simpler even in the face of what has been filtered by the company in recent weeks, you will have a clearer picture of next season. Ibrahimovic’s stay would give greater certainty to the whole environment which, in the event of a shipwreck, would fall back into an unforeseen depressive phase. Also because, at the moment, Milan has not made contact with alternative profiles to that of the Swede since the idea of ​​the sports area was to have Ibra as the owner and one between Rebic and Leao as an alternative. Now that the chessboard has become complicated, the strong risk is to remain with the match in hand and it is for this reason that the company, even more than the player, will have to take another step, albeit challenging for an almost 39-year-old who has shown that he knows how to and still be able to make a difference.

WHAT YOU RISK – The eventual failure of Ibrahimovic to renew could open up a domino situation that would seriously damage Milan. Because, as mentioned, the renewal of Donnarumma’s contract is still at stake, for which Raiola wants a termination clause not exceeding 50 million euros. In fact, Mino has the knife on the side of the handle while Milan would risk losing a technical and economic heritage in less than a year. A risk too big to run with that old Raiola tiger who has packed up an explosive situation of which he is providing, dearly, the way to avoid the detonation.

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